4,934,592 hi everybody

Hi everybody. Dear who love the cars. Do you know, from I know about the cars, I usually think that how does it work? How does it run? What are components in the cars? Can I make it? If it has problems what do I have to do? There are questions in my mind cause I decide that I have to create a place for people can talk about the cars. So today behalf for administrators i inform to everybody a website there is . It is created on 06-09-2012 is called ARM.

This is a forum talk about cars, trucks and heavy trucks, heavy equipments, motorbikers, knowledges basic about repair manual, maintenance, operator, photos , video clips…. There is a place for people can share to everybody your feeling about your cars, your experiences. We are together to share the passions about the car, to solve the troubles about the car.

So I hope that we are together to build a forum is stronger than day by day. If you have problems don’t hesitate to contact me and I hope you are ready to help me if I have troubles.

Thank you so much.
Best regard