Refund Policy

Refund Policy Support on forum

Refund Policy Support on forum
Dear all members, We are doing our best suppling services for people on this Forum, so please don’t worry if you ran into problems using this site. Any trouble we will support you until you are satisfied with your purchase. We do not take from anybody. If anything here is not ok with you, we could give you a refund.

So if you get any trouble you can do the following steps:

1. Send request to email: “” and “

2. Request Form:

User Name:…
Your trouble:…
Thread link:…

3. Supporting Time:

After you send us request we need 12-48h to check and Solve it for you

4. Refund Policy

Details about Refund Policy at

You can apply for refund within 24-48h since the date you received the goods. Detail rules as follows:

Full refund

When you receive your item and find quality problem,we will refund to you fully. Which exists using problem in the hardware, software or adapters.

If we send wrong item to you, which is our responsibility to refund full item value for you.

If you order the wrong products, please send full information for us by email we will check and send you correct products.

If product is out of stock, we will send email to ask if you want to change or get refund. If you want to get refund, we will refund the money for this goods to you, if this order still have other things, we will send the rest to you. If you want to cancel the order, we will refund full money to you.