Term of Service

Term of Service Policy

Private policy on Autorepairmananuals.ws services :

1. Private policy:

– All Customer’s Data are kept secret and protected on forum. We never sell or buy for any person. We keep them in check by admin account, members can not see or adjust anything other than their own account.

– We do not show customer information on forum, If customer want to show it for clarity purpose in “Marketplace & Exchange”, they can do it themselves.

– All payment transactions will be listed into customer’s forum account so they can control by themselves, no one on forum can take it and adjust it. We do not show transaction details for any person except the owner if they want to check and see again.

– Any question or request about member account, you can contact admin and after we check it, we will support you directly.

2. Products Warranty

Our warranty and after sale service policy

We provide one year guarantee for all diagnostic machine on our website.

Warranty period: since the date we confirm your payment within one year. During the warranty period, if you have hardware problem, you can send it back to us for repair. After we fix it up, we will send it to you in time for free. Once your product meets software problem, we can send the CD or give the download link to you to solve your problem.

We provide life time guarantee for all manual and software on our website.

All manual and software on our website we can support and warranty for you anytime you need or you want to download again, you just need to confirm by email for support and then we check and send for you.

3. Reply and comment

All replies and comments on forum must be in English. Do Not reply or comment like spammer such as: Thanks, Good, Like… if you want to say thanks you just need to click “LIKE” button below the post.
If you violate, the first time get a warning and the second time will get your account suspended for about 1 week to 1 month.

4. Account:

Every member on forum must use one account only, not to be sold or bought, not to be changed on forum, not for talking about political and religion, account must be used under 3 words – 15 words.
If you violate the rules, the account will be closed forever.

5. Posting on forum:

5.1 The title must be clear about the name, model, year and kind of document. Just use English only.
Violation: Delete post.

5.2 The Contents inside document must be described clearly, should insert photos that related to your document. If there’re way too much contents need to be described, You can write it down in Document or NotePad and link that File in the post.
Violation: First time – Delete post, Second time – Close account.

5.3 Photo that uploaded on forum for inserting the contents must be uploaded on: https://img.autorepairmanuals.ws
Violation: Delete post

5.4 Do Not posting document that was already posted on forum by other person in the past, before you post on forum you must use “Searching Box Tool” to find out whether that document is posted on forum or not, or you can send us confirmation by email: autorepairmanals.ws@gmail.com

If you copy posts or content from other person and post again on forum, we will close your account and IP rank forever.

5.5 All members can have a conversation with each other or with admin, you can send message by “private message” without leaving phone number, email or any contact information in the forum. Or you can send any request to: autorepairmanuals.ws@gmail.com

5.6 Do Not post advertising document on forum, we do not accepts any advertising thread in this forum. If you post ads, we will delete it and close account forever.

5.7 Do Not post keygen, patch or any cracking on forum we do not accept any under document send to this forum or sharing publish on forum. If you violate, we will close account forever.

5.8 Do Not post license product such as manual or software or diagnostic tool machine on forum, if anybody know that license product or any information, send us by email: autorepairmanuals.ws@gmail.com we will check and delete thread forever.

6. Cooperate Trading on forum

– We will hold the payment between seller and customer first until customer is fully satisfied with the product and no further comment.

– If anybody want to share document on forum, your document must not be under license.

– If you want to sell on forum you should contact with admin first and admin will check your product’s quality first. Any post for sale on forum will be reviewed by admin and we will delete it if you don’t inform us first.

– Your product which be shared on forum must be in good quality and you must support customer until they can use it properly, if you share on forum but can not support installation/bug fixing or your product is outdated/incompatible, we will refund payment for customer.

7. Forum culture

All destructive actions, cheat, scams, agitated on forum you will be closed account forever and must be responsible for customer refund.

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