[Notice] Don't allow to make many nick to send credits for each 25.06.2013

Dear all our members, I want to say something with you . There are many people to send email to me and ask that How to get credits?

I know this is a problem with first members on our forum. So what’s about the credits. All information about the credits you can see more in here.

But recently there is a problems with our forum. There are many members created many accounts but the same IP on our forum. They want to register many nicks to send the credits for each. We don’t allow this.

Today I want to talk with all members that if we see you create many nicks to send credit for each we will ban your nick forever. Because the credits is a method for us to protect your interests. When you join us to post many useful and build our forum you will have things you have. And the first member go to our forum want to take this. No don’t allow. Do you understand?

Please together to build our forum. Behalf for admins thank you so much.

Any wonders please send email to: