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Universal Allison DOC v11.6 [09.2014] Diagnostics Soft

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Universal Allison DOC v11.6 [09.2014] Diagnostics Soft
Size: 1,57Gb
Languages: English, Spanish, Russian, French, Japanese
Type : DIAGNOSTICS Universal Allison
Region: All regions
Win: WinXP , WIN7, WIN8
Year: 09.2014

The Allison DOC (Diagnostic Optimized Connection) For PC Service Tool is a diagnostic system designed for use with Allison?s 3000/4000 Product Families transmissions, 1000/2000 Product Families transmissions, and transmissions using CEC2/CEC1 controls. This PC-based diagnostic program is capable of reading from an Allison 4th Generation Control System Module TCM, WTEC II and WTEC III Electronic Control Units (ECU), a 1000/2000/2400 Series Transmission Control Module (TCM), and a CEC2 and CEC1 Electronic Control Units (ECU).

The Allison DOC For PC Service Tool V9.1.0 update includes the following new features/functions:
Adds 4 new languages: German, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Updates the User Guide
Updates the Advanced Help training videos
Updates the Troubleshooting Manuals for Allison 4th Generation Controls

Includes the TRANSHEALTH Report feature This feature allows Allison DOC ,For PC, Service Tool V9.1.0 (and later) users (with Reprogramming section enabled) to generate reports for MY09 4th Generation Control Systems that do not have Prognostics active. The reports contain the following information:
Current status of transmission clutches (information read from TCM)
Summary of present Diagnostic Trouble Codes (information read from TCM)
Transmission service performed (technician's input)
Service recommendations/comments (technicians input and tool?s condition assessment)
Vehicle/Transmission Information (technicians input)
Distributor/Dealer information (technicians input)

Includes the TRANSHEALTH Monitor feature ? This feature allows all Allison DOC? For PC ? Service Tool V9.1.0 (and later) users to obtain a general clutch condition indication for MY09 4th Generation Control Systems. The results of this test (Good: Green, Not Good: Red, Inconclusive: Gray) will be based on the logic we currently have in TRANSHEALTH? Reports.

Updates the strip chart to allow the user to scale to a chosen item/data parameter or use custom scaling to specify a minimum and maximum y axis scale value
Adds custom data lists for 4th Generation Control Systems.
Updates the Data Bus Viewer to support MY09 changes
Electronic Transmission Controller 1 (ETC1) , added Transmission TC Lock-Up Transition in Process parameter
Transmission Control 1 (TC1) , added Source Address 42 (Headway Controller) and added Transmission Mode 3 parameter
Includes new driver V2.14 for the Dearborn DPA4 and DPA4 Plus translator device, automatically installs.