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Hyster PCST Service Tool v4.99 12.2021 Unlocked

Download this document, you need 5600 Gallons
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Hyster PC Service Tool v4.99 12.2021 Unlocked
Size: 60.6 MB (Winrar Files)
Type of Software: Diagnostic Software
Type of vehicle: Forklift
Make: Hyster
Region: WorldWide
Interface Language: Spanish, German, Italian, French, Japanese
Database Languages: English
Version: v4.99
Year: 12.2021
Amount of Disks: 1 CD Hyster
OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 32 & 64 bit (Tested on window 7 ultimate 64bit & Window 10 pro 1607 64bit)
Supporter: Present
Instruction: Present
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A099, A250, A268, A269, A274, A276, A299, A380, A472, A935, A970, B274, B299, B978, C238, C299, D024, D203, D435, D439, D442, E024, E438, E439, F001, F024, F187, G001, G004, G024, G187, H004, H006, H187, J004, J006, K006, K160, L006, L177, N005, N006, N019, N177, P005, P006, P007, P177, R005, R177, S005, U005

v4.99 Changes: Adds Fuel Cell support. Adds Hydraulic calibration for R177. Adds some new warehouse model codes. Bug fix for erroneous Electric Rider fault codes appearing in Fault Monitor.

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