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How To Install Cat SIS FULL WITH 3D IMAGES [01.2021] + Unlock Files

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Caterpillar SIS 10.2021 DVD
Size: 157 GB
Type of software: System Parts catalogs, Repair Manuals, Wiring and Hydraulic diagrams
Interface Languages: English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, German, French
Database Language: Only English
Quantity of DVD: 15 Install DVD-DL, 1 Install CD, 4 ISO Images, compressed size 157 GB

NOTE: DVD offline can use on Multi PCs

Before extract files, you need:
- Turn off your user control.
- Turn off your Virus software.
- Turn off your window defender.
- Turn off your window firewall.
- Turn off your window update.

Step 1: Setting some support software.
Extract 1. Setting some support software.rar and install all of them.
- Adobe SVG Viewer latest version.
- Ultra Iso.
- Winrar latest version.
- CreoView_Consumer_32.exe
- CreoView_Consumer_XP_32.exe
- IsoView73.exe
- SIS DjVu Install.exe

Step 2 : Install SIS 2011B.
- Extract and insert Image.iso into CD drive and run setup.exe

Step 3 : Install SIS_DVD_CER_Patch.exe.
- Extract 3. SIS_DVD_CER_Patch.rar and run SIS_DVD_CER_Patch.exe to install

Step 4 : Install SIS DATA :
- Insert "RERD0010" ISO into DVD Drive and run setup.exe.
- Insert "RERD0011" ISO into DVD Drive and run setup.exe.
- Insert "RERD0012" ISO into DVD Drive and run setup.exe.
- Insert "RERD0013" ISO into DVD Drive and run setup.exe.
- Insert "RERD0014" ISO into DVD Drive and run setup.exe.
- Insert and install rest of files.

Step 5: Restart the computer.

Step 6 : Replace Patch Files at the "bin" directory of sis
- Extract and replace 6. PATCH.rar into "bin" folder directory of sis

Step 7 : Unlock:
- Run MAC-Adress.cmd
- Select the Ethernet adapter in the general list, and remember its MAC-address
(write down without spaces, or do not close this window until you enter this address into Kg)
- Enter MAC in kg, set the date until which SIS will work, generate a key
- Copy the resulting License.dat file to the C:\flexlm folder (Open hard drive C and create folder with name flexlm)
- Launch the Cat Sis Network ID, select the Ethernet adapter, the same MAC will show you, click Apply Serial.

Step 8 : Setup enviroment variable :
- At your desktop, Right click on the computer => Click properties => Click Advanced system settings=> Click Enviroment variable
- At system variable part, click new.
- Copy catlmd_LICENSE_FILE into variable name.
- Copy C:\flexlm\license.dat into variable value.
- Click OK.

Step 12 : Import SIS Users :
- Open software CAT SIS at your desktop
- Click import SIS Users.
- Click Browse and choose to file yogocat_master.
- Click Load=> Clickk Select Users=> Click Import and wait it complete.

Step 13 : Login with :
- ID : yogocat
- Pass : master

Step 14 : Insert Data:
Open the tray icon by right click -> Configure
Add location of data is correctly
After everything is finished, click SAVE below, SIS will offer to connect the disks and reboot (reboot the server in the tray).

Step 15: Enjoy

111.jpg tray icon.jpg

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