How to describe your topics?

Dear mates

I write this topic to show how much you care about your topics?

- What's the forum?

- There is a place for people can share all things that they have for who needs about our passion

+ You have problems you can not solve, please kindly let us know we will solve for you.
+ You want to say your feeling to somebody you can write on our forum
+ You want to share things you saw on the roads to everybody...etc

So You can learn everything from many people and people will need your experiences in everythings. I'm explaining for people understand about a forum. So all things that you do on our forum people will see and you show that you respect to everyone. Why don't you try to write your topic better than. It's easier for people can see your topics, can see things you wanna say.

Please, please describe your topics clear...clear.

Example: in this case

We can not understand what are you talking about? the title is very simple. The contents doesn't has the photos and the texts to describe. So people will be difficult to know what you are writing.

We just want to do everything better even though little things.

The rules when you post:

- Your title must be described clear and people will understand thing you want to say when they are reading your post.

- If you want to put the credits for the links so the credits must accord. You can not put the big of credits for bad topic and you can not also put the small of credits for good topic.

- If you have put the credits for your post. You must describe your post by the photos or the contents.

Please do better, it is easier for people to understand no matter where in the wolrd as at here.