[HOT] How to Buy Membership on forum Updated [2023]

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How to Buy Membership on the forum Updated 2023

Read first:

- Just order one time and wait for us in your email

- We do not accept any "Payment Directly" for us not through this form of ordering purchasing.

- If any member sends us "Payment Directly" we close your account forever thanks.

1. Step 1: Click "Buy Membership".

2. Step 2: Please read the Policy to know clearly about the problem on the forum first, if you have any questions go to the "Support Center".

3. Step 3: After doing finish ordering and purchasing all steps please wait and check in your email.

4. Step 4:

When you check your email you will be received the first email about thanks for purchase on the forum.
If you are expecting our email and you don’t receive it, check your SPAM or JUNK folder to make sure it is not there.
Wait for 0-24h you will be received the next email about Payment.

5. Step 5:

"Click Pay" Button in your email to Pay the payment

6. Step 6:

After finishing, your account will be updated in 0-24h. Please wait and update your account.

* Thanks & Best Regard

** For Any trouble you can contact us by "Support Center" or by email at

*** Click here: Supporting Procedure on Forum
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