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ETKA 7.3+7.4+7.5 10.2016 Mega Link

Discussion in 'Automotive Manuals, Softwares' started by garage, Oct 19, 2016.

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    ETKA 7.3+7.4+7.5 10.2016

    Installing under Windows XP,7,8,10 x32

    1. Uninstall any previous versions of ETKA if any and reboot the system.

    2. Start the instalation process by running "ETKA.exe" from the "ETKA
    International" folder. Set the path for the files to be unzipped to "C:\" -
    the root directory of the C:\ drive - and the files will get unzipped into the
    newly created "C:\ETKA\" folder. All of the needed paths have already been
    preset; agree to any offers to overwrite the existing files.

    3. Run "ETKA Loader.exe" from the "ETKA Loader" folder

    4. Run "hardlock.exe" from the "\x32\Hardlock\" folder. Run "0000750A.reg" and
    then "install.cmd" from the "\x32\MULTIKEY32" folder. No errors should pop up
    and the driver should install correctly. Reboot the computer.

    5. Run "registerControl.bat" and "registerControl .Net v4.0.bat" from the
    "C:\ETKA\VWAU\RosyVisionControl" folder.

    6. If you are so inclined you can also optionally install the VIN database for
    v.7.3 and the Tnrpics pictures for v.7.3 and v.7.4 from their corresponding
    folders. As always set the installation path to "C:\".

    Installing under Windows 7,8,10 x64

    1. The installation is similar to the one for Windows XP x32 with the exception
    of the Hardlock and the Multikey which are located in the x64 folder along with
    the corresponding instructions.

    Installing under Windows XP x64

    1. The installation is similar to the one for Windows XP x32 with the exception
    of the Hardlock and the Multikey which are located in the x64 folder.

    The "Ïå÷àòü" ("Print") folder

    Should you see garbled text at the time of printing please run "Êîäèðîâêà
    øðèôòîâ ETKA äëÿ ïå÷àòè.reg" from the "Ïå÷àòü" ("Print") folder.

    Should you encounter a printing error please replace the "Formular" folders for
    every car brand of your version of ETKA.

    You can update the price tags for the International version and for the ETKA
    databases, disable mandatory updates, switch between different versions and
    disable graphic files' version notifications in version 7.3 by clicking the
    algeni loader icon on the desktop. You can find tuning instructions for the
    loader in the "c:\ETKA\VWAU\Updater\Readme.Rus.pdf" folder.
    A few recommendations

    1. ETKA 7.3 is set up to look up VINs in the hard drive; no changes are necessary.

    2. The AHCI mode offers the quickest hard drive performance.

    3. Enable the "read only" mode for new VIN files and place them into the
    "C:\ETKA\VWAU\USERDATA\FGST" folder. Do not open the folder itself otherwise the
    program performance will be severely degraded.

    4. VIN filtering works only for cars which model year is marked with a green dot.

    5. For all other cars the parts selection is based on PR-codes from the decoded VIN.

    6. Audi and VW VINs can be decoded from 1993 forward; for Skoda from 1999
    forward and for Seat from 1995 forward.

    7. If you encounter the "Error AA" while trying to install updates from the
    "Áèáëèîòåêà" folder please copy the "LexHdl5.dll" file into the "windows\system"


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