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ETKA 8.1 Q2 [05.2019]

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ETKA 8.1 Q2 [05.2019]
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With installation instructions.
Electronic Catalog of Components of the VAG group


Unbundled drawings of individual assemblies and several lists and references to the models of the brands of Audi, Seat, Škoda and Volkswagen cars, on equipment variants and the duration of the installation of engines and transmissions according to the letter code. In this case, a specific spare part for a vehicle has a printed or embossed number assigned once to the entire Group, on the basis of which it simplifies the search for spare parts for the dealer and the customers. In addition, there are standard vehicle-specific parts (such as screws, hose clamps), some of which are only available in VW, such as XZN profile screws. The catalog may suggest successive models of spare parts, but several parts of a group may also represent a spare part that has been omitted. But it is also possible that technically identical parts have different numbers, since each is designed for a different vehicle model.

Versions of the catalogs:

# Audi data 1273 (May 2019)
# Seat 799 data (May 2019)
# Skoda 805 data (May 2019)
# VW data 1273 (May 2019)
# Price update 120 (May 2019)
# including online updater
# including emulator for 64-bit operating systems

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