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Mitsubishi MUT-III (2012) + Service Manuals i-MiEV, Colt, Grandis, Lancer, Pajero (+ Sport), L200, ASX, Outlander (2005-2012)

MUT-III (Multi Use Tester) CD3E12031-COPY-MASTER - used to perform diagnostics of electronic systems and control units of cars Mitsubishi. The program works in conjunction with diagnostic adapter VCI. In software, MUT-III in the presence of service manual you can view them without leaving the program because the program is integrated software for viewing. In the archive you will find the program except the MUT-III, repair manuals and service of Mitsubishi models, the following:

1 - Flat Rate Manual PFAM1101R_20110701
2 - Diagnostic software MUT-III PRE11061-00, PRE11031-00, Multi Use Tester - III version change - diagnostic program.
3 - ECU REWRITE ROM DATA CD3E11071-COPY MASTER - The data for reprogramming (to burn to DVD drive and with only a set)
4 - Service Manuals are archived by year: 2005
- European Colt and i-MiEV (transport and storage.) 2006
- European and Grandis Colt. , 2007
- The European Lancer, Colt, Outlander and L200. , 2008
- The European i-MiEV (Safety Instructions), Lancer, Colt, Grandis, Outlander, Pajero and the Pajero export version. , 2009
- The European i-MiEV (short-hand. manual), Lancer, Lancer Sportback, Colt, Outlander, Pajero, L200, Russia and the export version of the Pajero Sport. , 2010
- The European Lancer, Lancer Sportback, Outlander, Pajero, L200, and the Russian and the export version of the Pajero Sport. , 2011
- The European i-MiEV, Lancer, Lancer Sportback, Colt, Outlander, Pajero, L200 RUS, Russia version of the Pajero Sport and the ASX. in 2012
- the European i-MiEV, Lancer, ASX, Outlander, Pajero, L200.

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