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[Bit Torrent] BMW WDS [Wiring Diagram System] 12.3 2009

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BMW WDS [Wiring Diagram System] 12.3 2009

Year: 2009
Publisher: BMW
Service Developer: BMW
Grup Series: Service
Language: Russian
Tabletka: Not required Description: auto repair and service stations, which specialize in the cars of the brand BMW (BMW) will useful to have at their disposal a dealer electronic database for electrical car brand BMW, Series I-VIII. In other words, BMW WDS - an extensive collection of electronic circuits. The manual contains electrical wiring, for the location of all relays, fuses and connectors, there is information about the connector pinout, the arrangement electric blocks and electrical components.

The detailed decoding of fault codes for diagnosis. Electronic WDS includes full-color illustrated wiring, circuit relays, fuses, connectors location and pinouts, electrical circuit blocks and elements of the description. The program BMW WDS contains wiring diagrams for cars BMW c 1994 onwards Currently BMW WDS contains electrical circuits the following bodies

BMW: the BMW 7, the body E38 03 / 94-09 / 98 for BMW 7, E38 body with 09/98 of the BMW 5, the body E39 12 / 95-08 / 98 The BMW 5, E39 with body 08/98 BMW 3 box E46 the BMW 1, the body of E87 the BMW 3, the body of E90, E91 the BMW 5, the body of E60, E61 the BMW 6 body E63, E64 the BMW 7, the body E65, E66 the BMW X3, the body of E83 the BMW X5, the body of E53 the BMW X5, the body E70 BMW Z4, body E85 the BMW Z8, body E52

System Requirements Operating System: the Windows 2000, XP or NT 4.0 SP 4 1000 MB of memory on the hard disk memory 32 (recommended) Resolution: 800 x 600

Browser: Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher JavaScript and CSS enabled Java-enabled, using SUN Java Environment: version not lower than 1.4.1 Scripting of Java applets enabled module Adobe® SVG 3.0 or higher installed

Extras. Information: Installation Instructions Unzip to a convenient place for you from the archive. previously by right-clicking on the file and press the button at the bottom to unlock. After unpacking: 1. Install the Adobe® SVG 2. Install Java (c 8th version of Java will not work)

Note: To install the Adobe® SVG, you must have administrator rights. Go to the directory "BMW_WDS => Necessary Java and SVG" Click on the file SVGView.exe. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen. SVG module is installed. 2. Start the application: jre-6u12-windows-i586-ps.exe Follow the instructions that appear on the screen. Java plug-in installed. Content is only displayed in the program Internet Explorer. Run: BMW_WDS => ru and open the file index.htm. Choose your language. Select series.

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