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Acronis Xentry [09.2018] EPC & WIS [08.2018]

Discussion in 'Automotive Manuals, Softwares' started by Autovietnam, Oct 4, 2018.

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    Acronis Xentry [09.2018] EPC & WIS [08.2018]

    this is a fresh Windows 7X64 Enterprise installation in english language
    Image size is about 152GB need minimum HDD or SSD 250GB to extract.
    Xentry 09.2018 already with patch (old keyloader,blacklist and 2221x45 error fix all from DieTRih many thanks)

    installed is WIS and EPC 08.2018 thanks to "Komstantin "included Pricelist 70.1 in english
    without starfinder and other programms you will find here in forum.
    (because of image size took me almost 2 days for upload)
    carkey is installed to set new key....

    Xentry WIS EPC are Multilanguage you can change in whatever you want.(only what is included there)
    Windows is in native english you can download your own language package from Microsoft...and installed it.
    Image was created on Dell 6430 I5 8GB RAM
    many people no have time or possibilities to install it by there own
    so maybe this will help...


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