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Yale Forklift A5L2 (UT15WSL) Operating Maintenance Manual 66306337

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Yale Forklift A5L2 (UT15WSL) Operating Maintenance Manual 66306337
Size: 1.81 MB
Format: PDF
Language: English
Brand: Yale
Type of Machine: Forklift
Type of Manual: Operating Maintenance Manual
Model: Yale Class 3 A5L2 (UT15WSL) Forklift
Part Number: 66306337
Number of Pages: 51 Pages

1. Configuration diagram and main technical parameter
2. Brief introduction of structure
3. Safety specifications
4. Initial operation
5. Use and operation instruction
6. Use, maintenance and charging of storage battery
7. Inspection before operation
8. Inspection after operation
9. Periodic maintenance and upkeep
10. Storage, transportation, and loading & unloading
11. Replacement of storage battery
12. Common faults and troubleshooting
13. Common faults signal and trouble shooting
14. Lists of accessories, spare parts and vulnerable parts
15. Structure and principle diagrams of major parts
16. Packing list
Appendix I Safety Specifications of Motor Industrial Vehicles