[WebTIC_FR-US] CLAAS WebTIC Offline FR_US 02.2022 Operator Manual, Repair Manual & Service Documentation DVD



[WebTIC_FR-US] CLAAS WebTIC Offline FR_US 02.2022 Operator Manual, Repair Manual & Service Documentation DVD

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CLAAS WebTIC Offline FR_US 02.2022 Operator Manual, Repair Manual & Service Documentation DVD
Size: 37 Gb (Winrar Files)
Interface Language: Deutsch, English, Espanol, Francais, Italiano, Polski, Roman, Pycc..etc (You can refer to some pictures below)
Document Language: French, America (FR_US)
Type of software: CLAAS WEBTIC Repair Manual, Assembly Instruction, Time Schedule, Miscellaneous, Technical System, Training Document, Operator Manual.
Make: Claas Agricultural
Region: WorldWide
Amount of DVD: 1 DVD
Version: WebTIC Offline 4.0.5, Last update: Feb 14, 2022 11:26:08 A.M
Database updated: Feb 2022
Date: 02.2022
OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 32 & 64 bit(Tested on window 10 pro 1607 64bit & Window 7 ultimate 64bit)
Print Functions: Present
Instruction: Present
Medicine: Present
Installation: Multiple PCs
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CLAAS WebTIC offline gives you easy and quick access to technical information for CLAAS machines. All documents, instructions, catalogs for this equipment will be at your fingertips, that is, they will be freely available on your computer. This will provide you with offline access to documents and information at any time. Namely, you can familiarize yourself with this information (Document type):

Fitting instructions
Operators manual
Repair manual
Time schedule
Technical system
Training document
Conversion instructions
Assembly instructions

The Claas program is indispensable for owners of Claas agricultural machinery, which is equipped with electronics, as it contains detailed and clear instructions for servicing all models of Claas equipment, and helps the user to service, repair, calibrate, assemble and dismantle some parts of Claas vehicles in a timely and high-quality manner. Also presented here are illustrations and diagrams with which the user can visually view the equipment and determine where to install part of the equipment, and where dismantling or replacement is necessary.

The Claas program is quite easy to use and is designed to work on a PC. Claas is delivered on 59.1 Gb, and if necessary, full installation on your hard drive is possible.

Claas is your professional assistant in the operation and repair of this equipment, which allows you to diagnose, extend quality work and troubleshooting.

A list of models included in the Claas program can be found below.

Forage Harvester
Loader Wagons
Wheel Loaders

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