VAS-PC/ODIS Flash Discs (UPDATED 16/2/2019)

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VAS-PC/ODIS Flash Discs (UPDATED 16/2/2019)
Pass: wordwide-autosoftware-epc
VW Flash Disk (2.2019)
VW Commercial Flash Disk (2.2019)
Audi Flash Disk (2.2019)
Seat Flash Disk (2.2019)
Skoda Flash Disk (2.2019)
Bentley Flash Disk (2.2019)
Lamborghini Flash Disk (2.2019)

VAS-PC/ODIS Flash Discs
VAS-PC Offline Update Programming Procedure:

• Insert the Update Programming CD into your PC.
• Minimize or Run your VAS-PC.
• Open "My Computer".
• Open your "E:" Drive. A folder named "datflash" and a file named "label" will be
displayed on the screen.
• Minimize the window.
• Open "My Computer" to open up a new window.
• Open your "C:" drive.
• Open the "SIDIS" folder.
• Open the "Home" folder.
• Copy/Paste the folder named "datflash" to the "Home" folder.
• Close both open windows and maximize the VAS-PC screen.
• Remove programming CD from your PC.
• Activate Vehicle Self Diagnosis from your VAS-PC and select
On Board Diagnostic (OBD).
• Select appropriate address word for module being updated
• At the bottom of the screen, select 019 – Update Programming.

Note the files have to be for the control unit you are going to flash.
The VAS-PC will NOT let you flash a TDi to a Transmission or
a DSG to a 5sp auto. The file needs to be writen for that specific control unit.
Some times there is a compainion file that the VAS-PC reads and make that
dertimination of weither to flash or NOT!