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Software MTU Diasys 2.71 OFFICIAL

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Software MTU Diasys 2.71 OFFICIAL
Size: 218mb
Language: English, German
Password is: qazwsxedczaqxswcde9912
ReadMe.txt: (DiaSys 2.71)

Important Notes:

* DiaSys 2.71 supports only Win 7 and Win 10 (32 bit or 64 bit).
* Please read the file '[CD-Drive]:\Requirements.txt'
with describes the system requirements.
* The minimum resolution is 1024x768
* See '[CD-Drive]:\INSTALLATION_ENGL.doc' further installation details.
(siehe '[CD-Drive]:\INSTALLATION.doc für Details zur Installation von DiaSys 2.71).
* This DiaSys 2.71 version has a time limitation (05/2019) concerning all devices connected on CAN to the DiaSys PC.
* Unplug the hardware key during uninstallation and installation of DiaSys and components of DiaSys
(Den Hardware Key während dem Entfernen und der Installation von DiaSys und seinen Komponenten nicht in den PC einstecken)
* The installation of the IXXAT CAN drivers is described in C:\DIASYS\CAN\IXXAT\readme.txt.
* See C:\DIASYS\DOKU\installation_engl.doc chapter 2 'Installation' for further details about the needed IXXAT VCI Versions.
(siehe C:\DIASYS\DOKU\installation.doc Kapitel 2 'Installation' für Details zu den benötigten IXXAT VCI Versionen.)
* If the Hardware Key license expires please send an E-mail to ''
* If the File ecu*info*.dat is missing please send an Mail to ''
* Raildiag: If the Raildiag program cannot be started, please install
vcredist_X86_VS2008.exe on [CD-Drive]:\TOOLS\Redist\VS2008 Redist


* Use DiaSys only with one screen. Two screens causes unexpected behavior. If you have to use two screens anyway,
make sure, that DiaSys run on the main screen (the screen with the taskbar)
(Verwenden Sie DiaSys nur mit einem Bildschirm. Mit zwei Bildschirmen kann es zu Darstellungsfehlern kommen.
Sollten Sie trotzdem mit zwei Bildschirmen arbeiten müssen, sorgen Sie dafür, dass DiaSys auf dem Hauptbildschirm
(mit Startleiste) dargestellt wird.)
* Attention:
Every time a connection is made to the ECU-7 central database, “Transmit set of engine parameters" and
“Delete controller and transmit anew” actions made with the ECU-7 controller will be
reported back to the central database. Only the actions are reported,
the transfer of data - as usual - must be made by the user or is done automatically before
you can download new data from the central database.
This feature is also implemented for ECU-8, ECU-9, EIM, EMU-8, EXU-IAP, EXU-EMU9, EXU-AKM and EXU-CPM.
Bei jedem Kontakt mit der zentralen ECU-7 Datenbank werden die an ECU-7 Reglern durchgeführten Aktionen
“Regler laden” und “Regler löschen und neu laden” an die zentrale Datenbank gemeldet. Nur die
Aktion wird gemeldet, der Datensatztransfer ist - wie bisher - vom Bediener zu veranlassen oder
wird zwangsweise ausgeführt, bevor neue Daten von der zentralen Datenbank geholt werden können.
Dies gilt analog für ECU-8, ECU-9, EIM, EMU-8, EXU-ESD, EXU-EMU9, EXU-AKM und EXU-CPM.)
* For the folders
all users of DiaSys need full control

* When DiaSys creates a csv file the separator is a ';'.
The decimal separator to mark the boundary between the integral and the fractional parts of a decimal numeral is ','.
* In some cases the installation of the DiaSys windows takes some time.

* For the dialog of the ECU-7 / ECU- 8 / ECU-9 / EIM the actual files
'ecu7info.dat' / 'ecu8info.dat' / 'ecu9info.dat' / 'eiminfo.dat' are needed.
The newest version of the file is copied to the PC automatically, when a connection to the
central ECU-7 / ECU- 8 / ECU-9 / EIM database is made.

* It's not allowed to change the PC-date after the first start of DiaSys.
If this note will be not considered, DiaSys program will not start and you
have to call the MTU support.

* The time of use for the Hardware Key is limited. The date of becoming
inactive of the Hardware Key can be read out in DiaSys, in the window
"Available functions, Extras, Hardware Key".

* In 'Unit's assembly description' 'Options' (german: 'Geraetebeschreibung' 'Optionen')
it is possible to change the standard directory from 'A:' to another directory.

The directory C:\DIASYS\DOKU and subfolders contain the following files:

* ReadMe.txt
(this file)

Describes the installation of DiaSys program (english version).

Describes the installation of DiaSys program (german version).

* SystemRequirements_DiaSys_271.doc
System requirements

* UPDATE.txt:
New features in DiaSys 2.71

* UPDATE_german.txt
Erweiterungen in DiaSys 2.71

* diaSys_feedback_e.doc:
If you have found an error or you have some suggestions for improvement
of DiaSys, please send the feedback form back to the MTU.
(english version).

* diaSys_feedback_d.doc:
If you have found an error or you have some suggestions for improvement
of DiaSys, please send the feedback form back to the MTU.
(german version).

* E531920_05E.pdf:
DiaSys manual (english version).

* E531920_05D.pdf:
DiaSys manual (german version).

* Funktionen_2_70__0_1A_1B.pdf
List of functions / Funktionsliste

* minimon_manual_v3.2.pdf
Manual Minimon V2 (english version)

* minimon_handbuch_v3.2.pdf
Bedienungsanleitung zu Minimon V2 (german version)

* 4.02.0250.20013 minimon v1.3_e.pdf
Manual MiniMon V3 (english version)

* 4.02.0250.10013 minimon v1.3_d.pdf
Bedienungsanleitung zu MiniMon V3 (german version)

For experts: IXXAT VCI installation in detail:

* vci_v2_installation_manual_v2.20.pdf
Documentation of the installation of VCI 2.20 (english version)

* vci-v3-installation-manual.pdf
Documentation of the installation of VCI 3.5.4 (english version)

* vci_v2_installations_handbuch_v2.20.pdf
Documentation of the installation of VCI 2.20 (german version)

* vci-v3-installationshandbuch.pdf
Documentation of the installation of VCI 3.5.4 (german version)
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I am having difficulty installing the program. It is hanging at "Execute: D:\AddOns\EPROM\DISK1\Setup.exe -s C:\DiaSys\FSWSetup.log


I downloaded DiaSys 2.71 and installed the software , When I open the program ,
It says Hardware key is missing ! and it closes .