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Scania SDP3 V2. [2205] Diagnos & Programmer 3 2022

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Scania SDP3 V2. [2205] Diagnos & Programmer 3 2022
Size: 999 MB (WinRAR file)
Region: All regions
Type of software: Diagnostic & Programmer Software
Version: [2205]
Interface & Database Languages: English, Deutsch, Spanish, Arabic, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Tai, Turkish, Chinese, Czech
VCI Interface: Kvaser
OS: Window 7, Window 10 32 & 64bit (Tested on VMWare Window 10 64 bit)
Instruction: Present
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The program supports the following vehicles:
L, P, G, R and S series trucks (2016-)
P, G, R and T series trucks (2003-2018)
C, K series buses (2020-)
F, K, N series buses (2004-)

The program supports the following engines:
P96 (1996-2017)
E2011 (2010-)

2.51.1 Deviations
Gearbox management system
There is a new check wizard for vehicles fitted with gearbox GE281 called Overview of the gearbox. It shows the power transmission path through the gearbox with different gear ratios.
The wizard is displayed in the Function view under Check wizards.

2.50.4 Deviations
Engine management system
The deviation only applies to vehicles and installations that have the engine management system EMS10. Information on the vehicle's system response is temporarily missing. This means that warning lamps and degradations due to the fault code being set are not displayed in SDP3. This will be corrected gradually in future versions. However, irrelevant fault codes have been removed and new fault codes have been added.

2.50.3 Deviations
Clickable warning banner for ethanol vehicles
From issue 2.50.3, a warning banner is displayed when the ethanol vehicle is connected to SDP3. The warning banner is displayed for both
trucks and buses. If you click on the warning banner, you will be taken to a wizard on safety for ethanol vehicles.
The purpose is to draw your attention as a user when you are connected to a vehicle that may expose you to danger if handled incorrectly, and it
is therefore important to always follow the procedures in the Workshop Manual.
The User instructions for VCI3 have been updated to version 7. It is located under the Help menu.
Certificate for services in SDP3 has been updated to version 16. This can be downloaded from Scania Technical Information Library, TIL.

The engine control unit

There is a new check wizard for Checking active fuel inlet metering valves for vehicles that have V8 engines with active fuel inlet metering
valves. It can be used for troubleshooting the high-pressure pump. The wizard replaces the service solution described in TI 03-21 11 10.
Clickable warning banner
The warning banners for gas, electric and hybrid vehicles are then 2.50.2 clickable. Clicking on the warning banner takes the user to the
safety information for the connected vehicle.
For electric and hybrid vehicles, the warning banner is then 2.50.2 orange. The warning banner is still yellow for gas vehicles.
Drive mode selector S521
Component information about drive mode selector S521 has been corrected. The drive mode selector is found on buses that have an
automatic gearbox or a manual gearbox with Opticruise.