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Electronic manual Scania 2015 contains repair manual, service manual, operating instructions, installation instructions, maintenance manuals, spare parts catalog, parts, parts books and other service

New additions in the catalogue - the program SCANIA now covers ALL regions (ASIA, AMERICA, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA, AFRICA). In the old version of the program SCANIA the information only for machines{cars} of the European market contained. Work with the program Scania . Having entered number the chassis in a window ‘ Chassis no.: ’ and having pressed Find - in the bottom window will see decoding according to the machine.

Then, by pressing key Use opportunities of the program become more active - a badge ‘ the Box ’ allows to see{overlook} (at a choice of section) and opening of subitem spare parts.

They are actions with a key ‘ Hours ’ - will allow to see{overlook} norms{rates} on the replacement, the chosen unit/unit.

Repair information only in English and Russian languages.
Scania models covered by Multi system:
P-, G-, R-, T-series truck
4 Series truck
3 Series truck
F-, K-, N-series Bus
4 Series bus
3 Series bus
4-series engine
5-series engine

Repair information only in English and Russian languages.
Region: All regions
English, Hungarian, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, German, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, French, Czech, Swedish, Japanese
OS: Win7 x32, WinXP
Quantity of CD: 2 DVD
Date of update: 5/2015

Newer version you can check more:

Scania Multi 10.2015 (EN-RU)
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