Mitchell UltraMate Estimating 08.2022 v7.1.242 Service Infomation & Parts Catalog DVD

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Mitchell UltraMate Estimating 08.2022 7.1.242
Size: 4.12 GB (Winrar)
Interface + Database Languages: Only English
Region: All regions
Type of software: Spare Parts Catalog & Service Infomation
Version: 7.1.242
OS: Window 7, Window 8, Window 10 32 & 64bit (Tested on window 10 64bit 1809)
Year: 2022
Date of update: 08.2022
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Instruction: Present
Prints Functions: Present
VIN decode: Available
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Mitchell UltraMate is an advanced estimating system with proven technology that helps you create estimates that are accurate, verifiable, and readily accepted throughout the industry.

UltraMate combines database accuracy with Windows ease-of-use, plus automated calculations and repair procedure pages that virtually eliminate errors. These features make it easier to produce estimates that are right the first time, and reduce the need for supplements. With intuitive, uncomplicated navigation, clear graphics, and simple-to-follow help instructions, UltraMate delivers powerful estimating technology.

UltraMate is fully equipped to handle a wide range of estimating scenarios with alternative parts selection products and can also help you with critical business management functions with an integrated basic shop management product called ShopPak. You can click on the products below to find out more:

Mitchell's Alternate Parts Program (MAPP)
Quality Recycled Parts (QRP)

Powered by the Mitchell Database - the #1 database in the industry
Tab Menu Structure
Configurable Repair Screen
Right Click and Drag and Drop Functionality
Automatic VIN decode
Procedure Pages
Based on CIECA standards facilitating open communications
Communicate electronically to retrieve assignments and send estimates
WebCom Broadband Communications (TCP/IP, DSL, T1 and ISP connections)

Release Notes are available on the monthly DVD in the Documents folder. The file name is: Release_Notes.pdf.

The UltraMate 7.1 User Guide (UM7Guide.pdf) is available on this DVD in the same location as this ReadMe file.

Adobe? Acrobat? Reader? is required to view the online User Guide. You can download Reader for free from the Adobe Web site (

Mitchell Estimating Version 7.1
August 2022 ReadMe

Release Notes are available on the monthly DVD in the Documents folder. The file name is: Release_Notes.pdf.

The UltraMate 7.1 User Guide (UM7Guide.pdf) is available on this DVD in the same location as this ReadMe file.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the online User Guide. You can download Reader for free from the Adobe Web site (

Year Model Type New/Update
2017-22 HONDA CR-V SUV Update
2014-22 INFINITI Q50 Sedan Update
2014-22 INFINITI QX80 SUV Update
2018-21 KIA RIO SEDAN * Sedan Update
2018-21 KIA RIO5 * Hatchback Update
2017-22 NISSAN ARMADA SUV Update
2018-22 NISSAN LEAF Hatchback Update
2017-21 Rogue Sport
2017-21 Qashqai
2021-22 Q5
2021-22 SQ5
2021 BMW 4 SERIES COUPE Coupe New
2021 M440i
2021 430i
2019-21 BMW X4 SUV Update
2015-21 M-BENZ C-CLASS SEDAN Sedan Update
2015-21 C63
2015 C400
2015-21 C300
2016 C450
2017-2021 C43
2014-21 PROMASTER CARGO VAN Van Update
2014-2021 1500
2014-2021 2500
2014-2021 3500
2020-22 FORD EXPLORER SUV Update
2017-21 TESLA MODEL 3 Sedan Update
2020-21 SILVERADO 2500/3500 EXT CAB Truck Update
2020-21 2500 Silverado
2020-21 3500 Silverado
2020-21 SILVERADO 2500/3500 REG CAB Truck Update
2020-21 2500 Silverado
2020-21 3500 Silverado
Color graphics on these vehicles indicate special materials
*US only Available via barcode Canada

Year Model Type New/Update
2014-16 HONDA PIONEER 700 RUV New
2014-16 HONDA PIONEER 700-4 RUV New
2012-21 KAWASAKI BRUTE FORCE 300 (5 Year Backdate) ATV Update
2011-13 YAMAHA RHINO 700 * RUV New
2015-21 YAMAHA VIKING VI * (3-Year Update) RUV Update
2021-22 BMW C 400 GT Scooter New
2019-22 HONDA CRF250F Motorcycle Update
2019-22 HONDA CRF450L/CRF450RL Motorcycle Update
2019-22 HONDA MONKEY Motorcycle Update
2021 HONDA REBEL 1100 Motorcycle New
2021 HONDA TRAIL 125 Motorcycle New
2021 KAWASAKI KLX 230R Motorcycle New
2020 KAWASAKI KX250 Motorcycle New
2021-22 KAWASAKI KX250X Motorcycle Update
2017-22 SUZUKI GSX-R1000R Motorcycle Update
2019-22 SUZUKI RM-Z450 Motorcycle Update
2019 YAMAHA NIKEN * Motorcycle New
2018 YAMAHA STAR ELUDER * Motorcycle New
2018-22 YAMAHA XMAX * Scooter Update
2022 YAMAHA YZF-R7 * Motorcycle New
Color graphics on these vehicles indicate special materials
*US only Available via barcode Canada

Mitchell Has Trailers!
UltraMate RV Database now includes the following generic trailers:
5th Wheel Toy Hauler
Pop-up Trailer
Trailer / Toy Hauler

1.0 Whats New in UltraMate v7.1

Brand New Look and Feel Navigate through UltraMate more quickly than ever with highlighted active tabs, easier to read fonts and a clearly delineated repair grid.

Additional Operations/Airbag Configuration Shortcuts Add common Add-To operations on repair and refinish lines, as well as airbag replacements, without searching through additional folders.

Import/Export Enhancements Import and export Long Expansions and Configurations for use by other estimators or on different machines.

Graphics View Enhancements Drill down to major panel graphics from hot spots in the overview graphic. Navigate through parts without using the parts folders by simply clicking the up and down arrows in the graphics toolbar.

Part Descriptions See consistent naming in both the part lister and the estimate repair lines and print image.

Enhanced Vehicle Options Write more accurate estimates with our new VIN decode which automatically selects the standard options available on the vehicle you are estimating. Users can also select from additional factory options that are possible based on the VIN.

Special Materials Prompt Avoid costly errors by being prompted if you select to repair a panel that is made of a special material such as aluminum or boron steel.

PDR High Frequency Operations Button Quickly select PDR as your repair method with one click if you have PDR enabled as a value-added option.

Labor Update Prompt Control whether or not the estimate is supplemented as a result of a monthly change to the labor rate in the data.

Print Image Enhancements Print up to five phone numbers on the estimate. Choose the labels: home, work, cell, etc. for each of the phone numbers. Print the estimators e-mail address on the estimate as well.

Refinish Materials Rate Know at a glance what method of refinish was used in the calculation of the estimate because it now prints on the estimate.

Supplement History - When you retrieve an estimate for supplementation, you are notified if it has already been checked out. The notification also identifies the users who have checked out the estimate. You can then continue with or cancel estimate retrieval. The first estimate returned to the Mitchell host is saved.

Company Data - You can create multiple company names as required by your business needs. The name you select in the Company Data dialog box becomes the default company name which will appear on your all of your estimate reports. In addition, UltraMate has a blank company name record that you can select for your default company name in case you need to leave your company name off of the header of your printed estimate reports.

Spanish Language Printing - You can select to print estimate reports and view field labels in Spanish.

Additional Equipment Printing - All items in the Options tab Additional Equipment field prints on the estimate report.

Copy Name/Address information for Insured, Owner, Claimant, and Appraised For to other name categories.

Customized Profile Name - the name of a modified profile appears on the estimate report with the judgment item asterisk.

Paint and Materials Rate - When Rates is the selected Paint/Material calculation method, the initial rate per hour, maximum hours at that rate, and additional rate per hour print on the estimate. When Percent Multipler is the selected Paint/Material calculation method, the percentage used to calculate the dollar amount for materials prints on the estimate report.

2.0 Live Remote Assistance

For quick solutions to technical problems, a member of our support
team can view your desktop and share control of your mouse and keyboard
to get you on your way to a solution with our live remote-assistance tool.

A member of our support team will need to speak with you first to
determine the nature of the problem. Once this is determined, a member
of our support team will direct you to the links below or the links
located within the Help.

3.0 Definitions

Judgment Item "*" Definition

Any information entered by the estimator is marked with an asterisk (*)
to indicate estimator's judgment. Estimators judgment is defined as any
user-determined value that they have entered (i.e., the value does not
come from the Mitchell database.)

An asterisk prints next to the judgment item on the estimate report.
When the estimate is calculated, the repair line information is combined
with profile and Procedure Page information to generate the estimate total.

3.1 UltraMate Distribution

UltraMate DVDs are distributed on a regular basis, 11 to 15 times per
year. While every effort is made to distribute the updates on a regular
monthly interval, numerous factors influence the preparation of the DVD,
such as the incorporation of part price updates and the
addition of new model information. Therefore, delivery times of
UltraMate DVDs may vary.

3.2 OEM Part Prices

Mitchell receives parts pricing updates periodically from many OEM
sources. Each of these sources may change their parts prices at any
time during a month or year. Mitchell makes every effort possible to
provide the most current and updated information to the customer.
However, there may be times when Mitchell has received updated pricing
after the UltraMate DVD has been produced and shipped. Therefore, the
new pricing will have to be included in a future release. It is always
advisable to check with your local OEM parts source before committing
your estimate and ordering parts if there is any uncertainty as to the
accuracy of the parts pricing information.

3.3 UltraMate 7.1 Installation Requirements - "Administrator Rights"

Please check to make sure you have Administrator rights before
you install UltraMate 7.1. If you are not sure, please review your company policy regarding
Administrator rights or contact your system administrator (insurers)
or technical support person (shops).

3.4 Mulituser Notes and Information

Review the UltraMate system requirements. Visit Click Product Resources, and then click UltraMate Premier Suite 7, eClaim.


All UltraMate workstations require access to the UltraMate DVD for
service data and monthly updates.

Printer Sharing

Conventional Windows printer shares can be applied.

4.0 MAPP Supplier Information

4.1 New Suppliers


4.2 Deleted Suppliers

4.3 Supplier Updates

4.4 Matrix Category Changes

Two new categories have been added for remanufactured, reconditioned parts. Electrical (RE) has been added to support electronic parts such as radios, amplifiers, and displays.
Misc Lamps (RE) has been added to support lamp assemblies such as fog, driving, and marker.

Note: To activate new suppliers or make any other changes to
your MAPP matrix, call Customer Service at (800) 448-4401.
Please have your company code and matrix name available.

4.5 Special Programs

What are special supplier part price and/or service level agreements within

Agreements may be made between MAPP suppliers and their customers relative to special pricing/service/warranty programs.

Suppliers offering these types of programs are identified within the
"Special Programs" supplier Listing within the MAPP Matrix Manager.

They are identified with the indicator unique to each customer/supplier as part of the supplier name/contact information.

These programs are specific to those suppliers and customers who have the agreements.

If you have selected a "Special Programs" supplier, be sure to communicate which program you are referencing when calling to order parts or verify part pricing from this supplier. MAPP suppliers agree to honor the pricing provided to MAPP.

However, many suppliers who provide multiple levels of pricing may quote only standard pricing, unless you qualify your inquiry as a special program application.

Your identification of Special Program utilization will minimize the
opportunity for part price variances between estimate results and live calls for quotes or parts procurement.

The table below provides the current listing of these special programs:

A1 Allstate Canada Price Program
AAA AAA Price Program
ACG Auto Club Price Program
CALCAS California Casualty Price Program
CSAA CSAA Price Program
HIG Hartford Price Program
ICBC Insurance Company British Columbia Price Program
KEYSIQ** Keystone IQ Program (replaces AMPP/AQRP)
MEEMIC Meemic Price Program
MERC Mercury Price Program
MET MetLife Price Program Keystone AQRP/AMPP
MGA MGA (Gainsco) Price Program
NGIC NGIC Price Program
NYCM NY Central Mutual Price Program
OEMD** OEM Discount/Surplus
PDA Property Damage Appraisers Price Program
PROG Progressive Price Program
STANDARD Regular Pricing
Value Line** Value Line Pricing
Westfield Westfield Price Program
WWNS Wawanesa Price Program
**Note: These suppliers are now located under standard MAPP Supplier Program

5.0 Known Bugs and Workarounds

5.1 Modems

If your PC has a software-based modem (aka win-modem) installed or
an external modem using the USB port, the UltraMate Host Communications
can be problematic to set up. Using a different modem for host
communications will resolve the problem.

UltraMate will use modems configured to use COM ports 1, 2, 3, or 4.
If a modem can be configured to use one of those ports, there is a good
chance that the modem can be used for UltraMate host communications.

5.2 ServiceMate - Copying Vehicle Services

The standard procedure for downloading on all services is checking the box
at the end of the install/update process. This will automatically launch
the ServiceMate utility. However, if you do not check the Copy Services
box to download all services, use ServiceMate to copy select services.
At the end of the install/update procedure, launch ServiceMate separately
and then copy select Services.

5.3 Communications Dialog Sometimes Gets Hidden

During Host Communications, the UltraMate Window will go to the background.
If other applications are open, they will come to the foreground and
sometime block the Host Communications dialog from view.This does not
happen all the time, but does happen on occasion.

This is because when UltraMate launches the WebCom application, focus
is sent to the WebCom application.UltraMate will block itself while
WebCom is running.When WebCom finishes, Windows will sometimes give
focus to another application.UltraMate then tries to force itself
to the front.The following OS's, Windows 2000, XP, and up, no longer
allow the API to move windows back to the front of the z-order.When
the code attempts to move a window to the foreground, the Operating

System will instead cause the application to flash in the task bar.
This is the desired effect from Microsoft.

6.0 Database Changes

6.1 Assemblies Time Guide (ATG) Database

If you are not able to access ATG information for a vehicle, the
following explanations should be noted:

- The vehicle may be too new to contain ATG data.

- ATG data is accessible from the OEM parts lister screen only
(the Reference Sheet or Long Expansion screen will not provide ATG

- The vehicle was selected using the service barcode method.

7.0 General Release Notes

Special Pricing/Service Merchandising Parts Program:
As described below, certain replacement parts are included in the
General Motors Goodwrench Service Merchandising Parts (GSMP)
Program or the Mopar Competitive Crash Parts Program. The Mitchell
product displays these parts by a "special pricing" note in the
detail window.
When a zero price is required by a manufacturer, the system displays
these parts with a zero price and a "price not available"
footnote on the status bar.

Goodwrench Service Merchandising Parts (GSMP) Program:
Parts included in this program may not have a manufacturer's
suggested retail price. The price shown, in some instances, is
an approximation that you may find helpful. The actual price
may be higher or lower and can be determined by contacting
your local dealer.

Mopar Competitive Crash Parts Program:
Parts included in this program may be available with special
pricing. Additional purchase discounts may apply. See your
Chrysler Corporation dealership for availability and
participation. Dealers are not required to adhere to
suggested prices and are free to set
their own prices for parts.

Vehicle Data ACV Amount:
When a vehicle is identified using either Assisted Vehicle
Selection or VIN decode, a guide book value (retail base value
for newer models and low base value for older models) will
automatically display in the ACV field. This value is
provided only as a basis for deciding whether further
investigation of the vehicle's adjusted actual cash value
may be necessary to evaluate the feasibility of repairing
the vehicle. This value should not be used to declare the
vehicle a total loss. Adjustments for mileage, vehicle options,
etc., are not reflected in this value. This value may be
overwritten as necessary and does not print on the estimate
report. The ACV field will remain blank if no guide
book value is available for the vehicle.