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Mercedes-Benz WIS-ASRA NET [11.2017] FULL + Instruction

Discussion in 'Automotive Manuals, Softwares' started by auto, Dec 6, 2017.

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    If you download this document, you will be lost 5000 Gallons


    Email Support :
    Download Now
    Mercedes-Benz WIS-ASRA NET [11.2017] FULL + Instruction
    Size: 29.4Gb
    Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, German, French, Japanese
    Type: Repair Manual, Maintenance, Basic data, Wiring diagrams for Mercedes-Benz ( Cars, Buses, Trucks )
    Region: All regions
    Win: WinXP, Vista, Windows7, Win8
    Year: 11.2017
    Version : 11-2017
    Developer : Mercedes
    CD/DVD : 4 DVD
    License + Instruction: High (Present)
    High speed link: Bit Torrent & Google Drive & Serve
    Pass: THANKS + PM Email ""

    Instruction: See clear in Video
    - Turn off Internet
    - Insert DVD 01 and run "EWA Start html" and do follow video instruction
    - Insert DVD 01 and DVD 02 follow the instruction
    - Copy ID and paste in Tool KG to get Key
    - After finish and log in go to "Download", download Java and set up finish
    - Log in again and use "WIS"
    - Done
    - User and pass: admin

    The description of technology of repair and service, diagnostics, bodywork and other repair information, wiring diagrams

    This document provides the WIS/ASRA user with a description of the changes included in the 03/2016 edition.

    Mercedes Benz WIS EWA NET. The WIS net DaimlerChrysler AG's aim is to improve the electronic availability and usefulness of the workshop documentation (e.g. repair, maintenance, basic data, wiring diagrams and in part also documentation organization) of Mercedes-Benz and smart products by optimizing access and presentation.

    WIS net also offers integration to neighboring task areas such as e.g. definition of work units and flat rates using ASRA, and damage coding on one workstation.
    The following criteria have been taken into consideration:

    * Modern electronic information system to replace the microfilm and paper media.
    * Faster document search and display. Mercedes Benz WIS EWA NET
    * Simplification of document search in Mercedes Benz WIS EWA NET
    * Simple system operation. in Mercedes Benz WIS EWA NET
    * Access option to vehicle-specific data (vehicle datacard of EPC system).
    * Vehicle-specific documentation finding. in Mercedes Benz WIS EWA NET
    * Simplification of warranty settlement by integrating the damage coding in WIS.
    * Documentation access using operation number in Mercedes Benz WIS EWA NET
    * Definition of work units or flat rates using ASRA in Mercedes Benz WIS EWA NET

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    There is full model, so very helpfull
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    I am finding this manual, so great it is here, thanks.

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