Liebherr Lidos 2009 instalation

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Liebherr Lidos 2009 instalation

1) Translation sitstemnoe time in 2010, for example every month in the summer

2) Montirum necessary disk in the drive (1 drive excavators, two loaders and bulldozers drive)

3) in the window that appears, select the language (English)

4) in the next window Choose:
a) Single station - a program established in part, but the base and the images will be paged in the image
b) Single station with Date - the program is fully established with byzami and images on your computer
in) Serever - not advise fly down key.

5) Click Next. The program will pop a little bit, then podumat and give you a window form, it can fill in the form. This window will be a set of a large number of letters and numbers - that seems to copy the Keygen (it today I will try to lay). Push it to form (I Dogan from the Aby-katabry there napiano (button on the left).) The resulting figure is copied in a box form. click Apply and OK.

6) Then a refundable onto your mounted disk. then again, paragraph 3 and 4. The program is installed and running. OPTION 2:

1.Start the programm "SetDate", with All Rights administrator and set up Them to work in Compatibility mode for XP SP3 if you use Windows7 or Vista x64 (This Also Applies to Keygen). "SetDate "must be switched on ALL THE TIME!

2. Install programms (Liebherr Lidos 2009-DVD1/DVD2 ...) without "Web Service client" Cause Service Will Connect to the Liebherr Server and check for expiry Date!

3. Use keygen for serial.

4. During installation or opening Liebherr Lidos 2009 and during operation with Liebherr Lidos 2009, "SetDate" must be switched on ALL THE TIME! Otherwise Liebherr Lidos 2009 crash and you must reinstall them and install again.