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Isuzu G-IDSS 2017 KG + Instruction

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Isuzu G-IDSS 2017 KG + Instruction
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Instruction Installation:
1. Make folder C:\ProgramData\G-IDSS
2. In folder KG run keymaker.
Select "All"
And click "Make LIC"
Save it to C:\ProgramData\G-IDSS
3. Mount DVD ISO "IDSS_2.5" and install
4. After IDSS was installed, find file "DiagnosticSrvcSys.pts" in folder C:\Program Files\G-IDSS
5. Copy it into folder "keymaker" and Replace
6. Run "keymaker" again
Generate new lic file and save it to C:\ProgramData\G-IDSS
7. Copy "IDSS_STARTUP.exe" and "IDSS_STARTUP.exe.config" files
Into folder C:\Program Files\G-IDSS\bin (near G-IDSS.exe or E-IDSS.exe)
5) Open "IDSS_STARTUP.exe.config" with notepad and edit IDSS_EXE_NAME value.
write IDSS exe name which you have (for e.g. E-IDSS.exe or G-IDSS.exe)
6) Make shortcut for IDSS_STARTUP.exe, copy it to DESKTOP and run it everytime instead of original exe

How to update 2017 version:

1. Extract "G-IDSS2017Update"
2. Copy folder "G-IDSS" into "C:\Program Files\G-IDSS" and replace all file
3. After finish run "IDSS_STARTUP.exe" on DESKTOP again