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International Diamond Logic Builder DB2021.08 Diagnostic Software DVD

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International Diamond Logic Builder DB2021.08 Diagnostic Software DVD
Size: 537MB (Winrar Files)
Type of software: Diagnostic Software
Type of Vehicle: Truck
Interface Languages + Database Language: Only English
Region: All regions
Year: 08.2021
Date of update: August 2021
OS: Window 7, Window 8, Window 10 32 & 64bit (Tested on Window 10 1607 64bit)
Quantity of DVD: 1 DVD
Instruction: Present
Print Function: Present
Software Supporter: Present
Installation: Multiple PCs
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Database, Version 367 (Release Date: 8/08/2021)

Database, Version 359 (Release Date: 6/17/2021)

Diamond Logic Builder Update to 15792 (Release Date 06/15/2021) • Provide warning dialog before ELAM flashing.

Database, Version 358 (Release Date: 06/14/2021)

Database, Version 357 (Release Date: 06/14/2021) Database, Version 356 (Release Date: 05/14/2021)

Diamond Logic Builder Update to 15786 (Release Date 04/12/2021) • Added improved parsing for Switch Pack and Cluster serial numbers. • Added enhanced logging during Switch Pack programming.

Database, Version 352 (Release Date: 04/06/2021)

Diamond Logic Builder Update to 15779 (Release Date 02/25/2021) • Added support for Electronic Lift Axle Module kernel update

Database, Version 351 (Release Date: 02/27/2021)

Database, Version 350 (Release Date: 02/24/2021)

Database, Version 349 (Release Date: 02/02/2021)

Database, Version 346 (Release Date: 01/25/2021)

Diamond Logic Builder Update to 15774 (Release Date 01/25/2021) • Enable Switch Pack Programming Menu • Switch Pack Kernel update to 25.

Database, Version 345 (Release Date: 01/18/2021)


Database, Version 343 (Release Date: 12/03/2020)

Diamond Logic Builder Update to 15766 (Release Date 11/30/2020) • Enable Tire Pressure Management (TPMS) Menu. • Restore Door Pod and LCM programming, when using Update All and Program All.

Database, Version 341 (Release Date: 09/28/2020)

Diamond Logic Builder Update to 15749 (Release Date 09/15/2020) • Hide TPMS Menu (Under Development) • Disabled Switch Pack and Door Pod Programming

Diamond Logic Builder Update to 15745 (Release Date 08/19/2020) • Enhanced Login • Removed Switch Pack Programming Menu Item

Database, Version 339 (Release Date: 08/13/2020)

Diamond Logic Builder update to 15733 (Release Date 06/26/2020)

• Update to switch pack flashing routine ? Switch Pack module update function removed from “Update Software” routine ? New menu item, “Switch Pack Programming”, added under “Tools” menu ? Updates all switch pack modules to Kernel 22 ? Assigns address during software update/flash ? Added address modification screen ? Dialog added with link to iKNow article IK0800590 ? Dialog added with instructions to clear DTCs after using the “Switch Pack Programming” menu option

• Update link to change log

Database, Version 338 (Release Date: 06/26/2020)

Diamond Logic Builder update to 15720 (Release Date 06/03/2020)

? Update to Gen 4 emitter (600 Series Kernel)

Database, Version 335 (Release Date: 06/01/2020)

Diamond Logic Builder update to 15717 (Release Date 04/29/2020)

? Fixed DLB Simulator ? Fixed issue with templates adding undesired modules ? Added prompt to clear DTC’s after programming

Database, Version 334 (Release Date: 04/27/2020)
Database, Version 332 (Release Date: 03/02/2020)
Database, Version 331 (Release Date: 02/06/2020)


Database, Version 329 (Release Date: 01/29/2020)
Database, Version 327 (Release Date: 01/06/2020)
Database, Version 325 (Release Date: 12/13/2019)
Database, Version 323 (Release Date: 11/26/2019)
Diamond Logic Builder update to 15704 (Release Date 11/25/2019) ? Added log in enhancements

Database, Version 322 (Release Date: 11/25/2019)
Database, Version 321 (Release Date: 10/17/2019)
Database, Version 320 (Release Date: 09/09/2019)
Diamond Logic Builder update to 15686 (Release Date 08/23/2019) ? Added Campaign to remove 597178

Database, Version 317 (Release Date: 08/21/2019)
Database, Version 316 (Release Date: 08/02/2019)
Database, Version 314 (Release Date: 07/02/2019)
Diamond Logic Builder update to 15680 (Release Date 06/26/2019) ? Added pop up message for processing Campaigns before programming

Database, Version 313 (Release Date: 05/31/2019)

Diamond Logic Builder update to 15678 (Release Date 05/24/2019)

? Enhanced diagnostics ? Message regarding simulator support for ESC Kernels greater than 716.

Database, Version 312 (Release Date: 05/24/2019)

Diamond Logic Builder update to 15666 (Release Date 05/01/2019)

? In an effort to keep modules at compatible kernels, level II and III users can no longer select a single module to update. The only option is, “Update All” ? In an effort to keep modules at compatible kernels, level II and III users can no longer select a single module to program. The only option is, “Program All” ? The EULA is available in the Help menu ? The registration library has been updated ? Lift Axle 3-gauge feature is now supported

Database, Version 309 (Release Date: 04/25/2019)
Database, Version 305 (Release Date: 03/26/2019)
Database, Version 304 (Release Date: 03/04/2019)


Database, Version 303 (Release Date: 01/16/2019)
Database, Version 302 (Release Date: 12/12/2018)
Database, Version 301 (Release Date: 11/26/2018)
Database, Version 299 (Release Date: 11/05/2018)
Diamond Logic Builder update to 15650 (Release Date 10/24/2018)

? Updated HVAC recovery mode to only be available when an HVAC module is not detected ? Support adjustment of the cluster volume on new models, under tools menu ? Support detection and programming of Automatic Temperature Control variants of the HVAC control head ? Support detection of additional HX cluster part numbers

Database, Version 296 (Release Date: 10/24/2018)
Database, Version 295 (Release Date: 10/09/2018)
Database, Version 294 (Release Date: 09/24/2018)
Diamond Logic Builder update to 15639 (Release Date 08/29/2018)

? Support new bootloader in simulator ? Support new user registration format ? Resolve switch pack issue

Database, Version 293 (Release Date: 08/28/2018)

Database, Version 291 (Release Date: 07/13/2018)

Database, Version 289 (Release Date: 07/05/2018)

Database, Version 287 (Release Date: 06/03/2018)

Database, Version 286 (Release Date: 05/14/2018)

Database, Version 285 (Release Date: 05/09/2018)

Diamond Logic Builder update to 15633 (Release date 05/03/2018)

? Support HX odometer programming; ? Support programming clusters @ 250K ? Support door pod module update programming ? Support Predictive Cruise Control module update programming ? Correct Body Controller connector numbering for J6 (1606) and J7 (1607)

Database, Version 284 (Release Date: 04/30/2018)
Database, Version 280 (Release Date: 03/23/2018)
Diamond Logic Builder 15622 (Release Date: 03/21/2018)
? Correct several missing gauge cluster images, in Cluster view


? Correct several incorrect gauge cluster indicators, in Cluster view ? Enhanced programming timing ? Tricolor Switch enhancements ? Clear DTC’s from Switch-Pack, LCM and Door Pods at the end of Module programming

Database, Version 277 (Release Date: 03/18/2018)
Database, Version 276 (Release Date: 03/08/2018)
Database, Version 275 (Release Date: 02/23/2018)
Diamond Logic Builder 15611 (Release Date: 02/19/2018)
? Resolve graphic issues for Gasoline and Propane Bus Fuel Gauge and Seat Belt indicator ? Enhanced Odometer programming to prevent Odometer value from changing after it has been set ? HVAC module flashing included in ‘Update All’ procedure ? Add color options to LT, RH, HV and MV switches during diagnostics ? Resolve graphic issues for brake air indicator, snow valve, aux voltage gauge, and RPM graphics

Database Version 272 (Release Date: 01/21/2018)
Database Version 271 (Release Date: 12/30/2017)
Diamond Logic Builder 15601 (Release Date: 12/14/2017)
? Resolve issue with the cruise indicator and battery warning lights with the LT Base Cluster

Diamond Logic Builder 15596 (Release Date: 12/4/2017)

? Force a reteach sequence after flashing Horizon cluster

Diamond Logic Builder 15595 (Release Date: 11/28/2017)

? Support programming of the HVAC module ? Support DTC clearing of the HVAC module ? Improve programming speeds for HMI modules ? Improve programming status bar progress to better reflect overall progress

Diamond Logic Builder 15584 (Release Date: 08/25/2017)

? Reduce DTCs setting, when connecting to vehicle, with the key ON ? Additional graphics added for LT trucks

Diamond Logic Builder 15581 (Release Date: 06/22/2017)

? Resolved Body Controller, Real Time Clock offset, issue with Kernel 706. ? Resolved issue with displaying multiple Switch Pack modules under ‘Detected Modules’ ? Updated programming support for Switch Packs, Stalk Shifter, Cluster, and Light Control Module updates

Diamond Logic Builder 15577 (Release Date: 05/11/2017)

? Updated branding and DLB Icon


? Added link to change log site, from the help menu ? Added support for stalk shifter firmware updating ? Added support for additional warning lights on gen 2 cluster

Diamond Logic Builder Version 15573 (Release Date: 04/23/2017)

? Provides support for Horizon cluster diagnostics, mileage programming, and firmware updates ? Provides support for stalk shifter firmware updates ? Resolves simulator issues for 500K vehicles ? Resolves pin map naming issues ? Improves module detection and connection time

Diamond Logic Builder Version 15520 (Release Date: 1/5/2016)

Software Enhancements ? Added labeling for new hardware associated with the Gen 4 Body Controller

Diamond Logic Builder Version 15519 (Release Date: 8/25/2015)

Software Enhancements ? Added 500K Emulator

Diamond Logic Builder Version 15518 (Release Date: 7/08/2015)

Software Fixes ? Resolved java null error on vehicles with VIS/VID

Diamond Logic Builder Version 15506 (Release Date: 4/6/2015) Starting with Diamond Logic Builder version 15506, DLB includes a built-in version of Webstart. Software Fixes ? Signal Data Measurement ? Signal Recording closer to real time ? Cursor skip in Advanced Logic ? Interface cable icon and status message displayed ? E-Fix, Support movement of physical items (Switches, Gauges, etc.) ? Graph Point Update Software Enhancements ? Diagnostics support for 250K and 500K ? Supports Gen4 VCM module (Program 748 Phase I launch) ? Built in webstart feature (no longer relies on Java webstart) ? Capture Java log

NOTE: After installation of version 15506, you MUST RE-SELECT YOUR INTERFACE CABLE from Tools > Select Com Link