Cummins Calterm 5.12 2024 Remote Installation

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Cummins Calterm 5.12 2024 Remote Installation
Remote Installation Cummins Calterm v5.12.1.028 Install & Active
Size: 306 MB
OS: Tested working well on Windows 10, 11 pro 64bit

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Following are the release contents for CaltermV5.12.1.028:

New product support

New Features/Change Requests

· Protected Calterm doesn’t support reconnection after key cycle for CSAR ECM
o User impact: User will be able to connect ECM automatically after key cycle.
· CSAR Cyber 1a feature support: ODX-F End to End Calibration Encryption, Digital Signature, UDS Bi-directional Session Authentication.
o User Impact: User will be able to reflash digitally signed CSAR ECM with encrypted Odx-f file, existing CSAR ECM will work as it is.
· License based CSAR reflash with Tool family and setting secure key
o User impact: user can reflash CSAR ECM with other tool family other than Calterm and set different security key if user has license.
· Please add warning messages when parameters limit is exceed in ASAM
o User impact: user can add parameter within limit to avoid further issues.
Critical fixes and Improvements: