TruckTool 01.2024 Diagnostic Software

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TruckTool 01.2024 Diagnostic Software CAT TCM Rocla Mitsubishi UniCarriers
Type of Software: Diagnostic Software
Type of Machine: Forklift, Warehouse Equipment
Brands: Rocla, Rocla AGV, Mitsubishi, CAT, UniCarriers, TCM, Jungheinrich
Languages: English, French, Russian, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese
Supported Operating systems: Windows 10 64-Bit Best, Windows 11
Version: Latest v4.3.0.21
Date updated: 01.2024

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Remote Service Install: by Teamview, Ultra View, Anydesk

TruckTool 01.2024 Forklift Diagnostic Software
Remote Install 01/2024 TruckTool v4.3 Diagnosis Program
Install & Active TruckTool for Mitsubishi Caterpillar TCM Unicarriers Rocla 2024

Firmware updates for the following models:
  • NSV12N3(I), NSV16N3(I/S), NSF12N3(R/S), NSF12N3I(R/S), NSF16N3I(R/S), NSF16N3S(R/S), SBV12N3(I), SBV16N3(I/S), SBF12N3(R/S), SBF12N3I(R/S), SBF16N3(R/S), SBF16N3I(R/S), SBF16N3S(R/S), SRS12N3(I), SRS12N3(R/S), SRS12N3I(R/S), SRS16N3(I/S), SRS16N3I(R/S), SRS16N3S(R/S), PSF125(I), PSF160(I), PSR125(I), PSR160(I), PSS125(I), PSS160(I/S)
  • NPV20N3D, NPF20N3DR, NPF20N3DS, PBV20N3D, PBF20N3DR, PBF20N3DS, SRD20-N3, SRD20R-N3, SRD20S-N3, PDF200, PDR200, PDS200
  • NSR12N2, NSR16N2, NSR16N2I, NSR20N2, SBR12N2, SBR16N2, SBR16N2I, SBR20N2, ASR125, ASR160, ASR160I, ASR200
  • NSS16N2(2I/2S), NSS20N2(2I/2S), NPS20N2-30N2, NSS10N2TF, SBS16N2(21/2S), SBS20N2(21/2S), SBS20N2-30N2, SBS10N2TF, XSS160(I/S), XSS200(I/S), XLS200-300, XTS100, SSO16(I/S)-N2, SSO20(I/S)-N2, LLS20-N2, LLS30-N2, SST10-N2
  • RB25N3H, RB20N3HX, NR25N3H, NR20N3HX, RTH250, RTX200, UHD250, UHX200
  • RB12-14N3L, RB14N3C, NR12-14N3L, NR14N3C, RTL1200-140, RTN140, ULS120-140, UND140
  • RB16-20N3, RB16-20N3H, NR16-20N3, NR16-20N3H, RTM160-200, RTH160-200, UMS160-200, UHD160-200
  • NPV20-25N3, NPF20-25N3R, NPF20-25N3S, PBV20-25N3, PBF20-25N3R, PBF20-25N3S, PLF200-250, PLR200-250, PLS200-250, PTF200-250, PTP200-250R, PTP200-250S
  • B14-20(C)N2T (3W), FB16-20(C)N2 (4W), EP14-20(C)N2T (3W), EP16-20(C)N2 (4W), MXST14-20(C)-2 (3W), MXS16-20(C)-2 (4W), FTB14-20(L)-E4 (3W), FB16-20(L)-E4 (4W)
  • FB14A(C)NT-FB20A(C)NT (3W), FB16A(C)N-FB20A(C)N (4W), EP14A(C)NT-EP20A(C)NT (3W), EP16A(C)N-EP20A(C)N (4W), MXS314(L)-MXS320(L) (3W), MXS416(L)-MXS420(L) (4W)
  • FD40-55N3, FD50CN3 VCM15DN, DP40-55N3, DP50CN3 VCM15DN, E2F4F40-55(F), E2F4F50C(F) VCM15DN, FD40-55E2(F), FD50CE2(F) VCM15DN
  • FD40-55N (4EGT), FD50CN (4EGT) VCM15DN, DP40-55N (4EGT), DP50CN (4EGT) VCM15DN, PFD80-120N (4EGT) VCM15DN, FD40-55E2(F), FD50CE2(F) VCM15DN
  • FD40-55N4T, FD50CN4T VCM15DN, DP40-55N3, DP50CN3 VCM15DN, E2F4F40-55(F), E2F4F50C(F) VCM15DN
  • G40-55N3, FG50CN3 VCM15GN, GP40-55N3, GP50CN3 VCM15GN, J2F4F40-55(F), J2F4F50C(F) VCM15GN, FGE40-55E2(F), FGE50CE2(F) VCM15GN
  • FD60-100N3 VCM10N_JG, FD60-100-5 VCM10N_JG
  • FD60-100-4(L) VCM10N_JG
  • FD20N3-35N3, DP20N3-35N3, E2D2A20(F)-35(F), FD20E2(F)-35E2(F)
  • D/FG15-35N VCM1N, DP/GP15-35N VCM1N, FG15-35E2(F), FG20CE2(F) VCM1N, P2D1/2A15-25(F), U2D2A20-35(F) VCM1NFD/FG15-35N VCM1N, DP/GP15-35N VCM1N, FG15-35E2(F), FG20CE2(F) VCM1N, P2D1/2A15-25(F), U2D2A20-35(F) VCM1N
  • FD/FG20N3-35N4, FG20CN3-4 VCM1N, DP/GP15-35N, (2)P3000-7000, 2PD4000-7000 VCM1N
  • FD20N-35N VCM8N_G, DP20N-35N VCM8N_G, PFD40M-70M VCM8N_G
  • FDE20N-35N VCM8N_G, DPE20N-35N VCM8N_G
  • FD20-35N4T VCM8N_G
  • FD20NB-35NB VCM8N_G, DP20NB-35NB VCM8N_G