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Renault CLIP Version 143 FULL Patch + Instruction

Discussion in 'Automotive Manuals, Softwares' started by heavyduty86, Oct 10, 2015.

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    Sep 25, 2015
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    If you download this document, you will be lost 500 Gallons


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    BEFORE you start your installation, please do the following steps:

    1. Uninstall ANY previous "OLD" Version from V116 and BACK Renault CAN-CLiP if you have!
    (IF ALL READY you have ANY Version from V117 --> & UP, just you can make an Update
    with this LATEST Release...)
    NOTE: IF you making an update and you got the message about "NOT CLiP Platform"
    just re-apply the "Crack! Reanult CAN-Clip.reg" and then move on.
    CLiP it will tell you "1st Installation", but DO NOT worry!
    Just move on as usual...

    2. IF you making your 1st Installation: Run the "Crack! Reanult CAN-Clip.reg" 1ST OF ALL!

    After these steps done, install now this NEW Renault CAN-CLiP Version.
    NOTE: Manage about the Language that you want to use, to have ALL READY
    configured your Regional & Language Settings in your Control Panel!
    Example: You want to Install & to use your CLiP with Greek Language! :)
    Then use Greek Language in your Regional & Language Settings in your
    Control Panel in: Regional Options (2x options) & in Advanced (1x option).

    After installation finish your PC will Reboot automaticaly!
    IF when you log-on on your Windows the Setup NO start again automatic
    for to finish 1x last step, browse your DVD/Image and run again the Setup.exe!
    In some seconds you will notice 1x Message about Successful Instalaltion.

    Now you can use the "NEW Renault CAN-CLiP Registration Patch V3.0" for to Register your CLiP! :)

    Before your 1st REAL Operation with the Program make these steps:

    You NEED to have 1 Renault Car (and ALWAYS Renault CLiP Running/Working FULL)
    when you have Renault Car!
    1. Connect your CLiP Sonde or your VI Probe Interface 1st in your Car (OBD Slot)
    2. Turn Ignition ON (NOT Engine to running...)
    3. Connect now your CLiP Sonde or your VI Probe Interface via USB cable with your PC
    4. Start to installing ALL the Drivers (that they will appearing) and
    you can find those in: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\
    5. You MUST Install 4x Drivers (4x TIMES the same thing!) about CLiP Sonde,
    and 2x about VI Probe.

    When you finish with the drivers, you can RUN now finally your NEW CAN-CLiP Software...

    LAST & IMPORTANT TIP: Manage ALWAYS to have from the Car GOOD Power!
    Try as you can to using External Power Supply to the Car!
    Ranault CLiP Sonde (especially the Clones!) they are VERY SENSITIVE!

    Enjoy & Good Cliping! :)

    Renault CLiP Registration Step-1.PNG Renault CLiP Registration Step-2.PNG Renault CLiP Registration Step-3.PNG Renault CLiP Registration Step-4.PNG Renault CLiP Registration Step-5.PNG

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