Volvo Impact Trucks & Buses 4.03.50 [11.2017]

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Volvo Impact is a web-based system that supports the workshops with information about Parts,
Components, Standard parts, Service, Standard time, and Tools for all Volvo trucks and buss.
You can gain advantages with the My list function to administrate part and operation numbers. Here
you can also make use of the interfaces from Impact to other systems that you have.
The information in the program is structured according to functional groups. The functional groups
are divided into 10 main groups:
0 General
1 Service and maintenance
2 Engine with mountings and ancillaries
3 Electrical system and instruments (lighting, instrumentation)
4 Power transmission
5 Brakes
6 Suspension and steering
7 Frame, springs, damping, and wheels
8 Body, cab, and interior trim
9 Other (special functions).
In the program you can search for the information you need on dierent
parameters, for

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