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Yale Service Diagnostic ONeSOURCE Client Service Setup 06.2021

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Yale Service Diagnostic ONeSOURCE Client Service Setup 06.2021
Yale Service Diagnostic Tool Application Installer 06.2021
Yale ONeSOURCE Client Service Setup
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A245, A249, A284, A372, A390, A410, A474, A497, A910, A938, A944, A955, A968, A969, A976, A985, B292, B295, B674, B875, B888, B894, B895, B897, B909, B910, B967, C287, C292, C295, C809, C810, C875, C883, C903, C909, C910, D801, D809, D810, D819, D820, D821, D861, D875, D896, D902, E815, E818, E826, E861, E878, E879, E896, F818, F878, F879, G807, G818, G876, G877, G878, H813, H876, H877, J813, J876, J877, K813

The Service Diagnostic Tool is the digital interface that contains all relevant maintenance information, remove/replace instructions, interactive schematics and wiring diagrams, and guided troubleshooting procedures for the current production lift trucks. Before servicing trucks, please download and install the Service Diagnostic Tool and the datasets for the class of truck being serviced. An installation guide is also included in the ZIP file.