VAS-PC Flash Discs [07.2018] VW/Seat/Skoda/Audi/Bentley/Lamborghini

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VAS-PC Flash Discs [07.2018] VW/Seat/Skoda/Audi/Bentley/Lamborghini
VAS-PC ODIS Flash Discs (UPDATED 4.7.2018)
Flashdaten 7/2018
Size: 29.4 GB
Region: All regions
Type: Diagnostic interface
Languages: English
OS: WinXP , WIN7, WIN8
Year: 07.2018
Date of update: 07/2018
Pass: wordwide-autosoftware-epc

VAG Flash Discs for use with VAS-PC and ODIS-E software. Includes:

VW Flash Disk (7.2018):
VW Commercial Flash Disk (7.2018):
Audi Flash Disk (7.2018):
Seat Flash Disk (7.2018):
Skoda Flash Disk (7.2018):
Bentley Flash Disk (7.2018):
Lamborghini Flash Disk (7.2018):

VAS-PC Offline Update Programming Procedure:

• Insert the Update Programming CD into your PC.
• Minimize or Run your VAS-PC.
• Open "My Computer".
• Open your "E:" Drive. A folder named "datflash" and a file named "label" will be
displayed on the screen.
• Minimize the window.
• Open "My Computer" to open up a new window.
• Open your "C:" drive.
• Open the "SIDIS" folder.
• Open the "Home" folder.
• Copy/Paste the folder named "datflash" to the "Home" folder.
• Close both open windows and maximize the VAS-PC screen.
• Remove programming CD from your PC.
• Activate Vehicle Self Diagnosis from your VAS-PC and select
On Board Diagnostic (OBD).
• Select appropriate address word for module being updated
• At the bottom of the screen, select 019 – Update Programming.

Note the files have to be for the control unit you are going to flash.
The VAS-PC will NOT let you flash a TDi to a Transmission or
a DSG to a 5sp auto. The file needs to be writen for that specific control unit.
Some times there is a compainion file that the VAS-PC reads and make that
dertimination of weither to flash or NOT!

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