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Tesla Model Y 2021-2024 Service Bulletin

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Tesla Model Y 2021-2024 Service Bulletin
Size: 31.7 MB
Format: PDF
Language: English
Brand: Tesla
Type of Machine: Automotive
Type of Manual: Service Bulletin
Model: Tesla Model Y 2021-2024
Date: 2021 ; 2022 ; 2023; 2024

List of file:
CD-22-17-001 Declaration On Taximeter Output Using the M3Y Third Party CAN Bus Interface R1.pdf
CD-23-16-001 HV Battery Shipping Evaluation SX3Y.pdf
CD-24-16-001 Instructions for Packing Critically Damaged HV Battery Packs in UN Containers.pdf
CD-24-17-001 Alcohol Interlock Installation Guide.pdf
SB-21-00-004 Update Vehicle Firmware to Correct False FCWs or AEBs.pdf
SB-21-10-003 Seal Toeboard Seams Due To Water Ingress R2.pdf
SB-21-16-003 Replace HV Battery For Separator Quality Issues.pdf
SB-21-31-003 Inspect Front Lower Lateral Links R4.pdf
SB-21-31-004 Inspect Suspension Knuckles R1.pdf
SB-22-00-001 Update Vehicle Firmware To Remove Rolling Stop Functionality.pdf
SB-22-00-002 Update Vehicle Firmware To Correct Seat Belt Chime Functionality.pdf
SB-22-00-003 Update Vehicle Firmware to Correct Boombox Functionality R2.pdf
SB-22-00-007 Update Firmware to Allow Navigate on Autopilot to Comply with European Regulations R1.pdf
SB-22-00-009 Update Vehicle Firmware To Improve Car Computer Thermal Management R1.pdf
SB-22-00-010 Update Vehicle Firmware To Prevent Loss of eCall Functionality R1.pdf
SB-22-00-013 Update Vehicle Firmware to Allow Resetting a Wiper Stall Condition Model Y.pdf
SB-22-00-016 Update Vehicle Firmware to Correct Taillight Functionality.pdf
SB-22-16-001 Replace HV Battery R1.pdf
SB-22-17-004 Replace Both Side Repeater Cameras.pdf
SB-22-17-007 Swap Triple Camera Coax Cables.pdf
SB-22-17-011 Adust Headlights and Fog Lights Model Y.pdf
SB-22-17-013 Inspect Rear Facing Camera Lens for Scratches.pdf
SB-22-17-014 Replace LH Body Controller Model Y R1.pdf
SB-22-17-015 Inspect Horn Operation MY.pdf
SB-22-18-002 Update Vehicle Firmware to Correct EXV Operation.pdf
SB-22-18-003 Retroft AC Compressor Pipes With Support Bracket.pdf
SB-22-18-004 Upgrade AC Compressor Pipes.pdf
SB-22-31-002 Inspect LH Front Lower Lateral Link.pdf
SB-22-32-001 Inspect Steering Column For Controller Failure.pdf
SB-22-33-005 Retrofit Hydraulic Contol Unit Wake-Up Wire Model Y Lead.pdf
SB-22-33-006 Retrofit Hydraulic Contol Unit Wake-Up Wire Model Y Li.pdf
SB-22-40-001 Replace Rear Drive Unit Inverter.pdf
SB-22-70-002 Update Vehicle Software to Correct Automatic Window Reversal R1.pdf
SB-23-00-001 Update Vehicle Software to Improve Certain FSD Beta Driving Maneuvers R1.pdf
SB-23-00-003 Update Software to Improve Regenerative Braking Functionality.pdf
SB-23-00-008 Update Vehicle Software to Incorporate Additional Autosteer Controls.pdf
SB-23-00-009 Update Vehicle Software to Incorporate Door Lockout Functionality.pdf
SB-23-10-003 Reseal Liftgate Assembly to Prevent Water Ingress R4.pdf
SB-23-13-001 Inspect Second-Row Seat Frame Bolts.pdf
SB-23-14-001 Replace Instrument Panel Speaker Grille R2.pdf
SB-23-16-001 Replace HV Battery For Wire Bond Issues.pdf
SB-23-16-004 Replace the Structural Pack HV Battery.pdf
SB-23-16-005 Replace Pyrotechnic Battery Disconnect.pdf
SB-23-16-006 Install Ferrite Core onto Ancillary Bay Harness R4.pdf
SB-23-16-008 Install Ferrite Cores onto Ancillary Bay Harness R2.pdf
SB-23-17-001 Drain And Refill Windshield Washer Fluid.pdf
SB-23-17-003 Replace RH Body Controller Module To Enable Third Row Seat USB Power.pdf
SB-23-17-006 Inspect Forward Facing Camera Pitch Angle.pdf
SB-23-17-007 Replace Front Body Controller Module R1.pdf
SB-23-17-009 Replace Passenger Side Wiper Arm Assembly.pdf
SB-23-17-010 Replace RH Body-Mounted Taillight.pdf
SB-23-17-011 Replace Front Body Controller Module R1.pdf
SB-23-17-012 Inspect Center High Mounted Brake Light.pdf
SB-23-18-001 Inspect AC Components and Flush HVAC Case due to Contamination R6.pdf
SB-23-18-002 Inspect Coolant Freezing Point R2.pdf
SB-23-18-003 Retrofit AC Compressor Pipes With Support Bracket Europe.pdf
SB-23-20-001 Update Front Passenger Airbag to Maintain Compatibility While Servicing Front Passenger Seat R3.pdf
SB-23-20-002 Replace Occupant Classification System OCS of Front Passenger Seat while Servicing Subcomponents R6.pdf
SB-23-20-003 Inspect Front Passenger Knee Impact Foam.pdf
SB-23-32-001 Inspect Steering Wheel Retention Bolt for Proper Torque.pdf
SB-23-32-003 Replace Steering Wheel Due To Material Separation.pdf
SB-23-44-002 Replace Charge Port AC Harness R1.pdf
SB-23-45-001 Inspect For Noise From Brake Pedal Clevis Interface.pdf
SB-24-00-002 Update Vehicle Software to Enable Rearview Camera Display.pdf
SB-24-00-003 Update Vehicle Software To Enlarge Visual Warning Indicators R1.pdf
SB-24-00-006 Update Vehicle Software to Enable Pedestrian Warning Speaker.pdf
SB-24-10-001 Rectify Model Y Cast Rear Frame Rail Assembly.pdf
SB-24-10-005 Retrofit Floor Reinforcement Plate.pdf
SB-24-16-003 Rework Ancillary Bay due to Loose Rivet Nuts.pdf
SB-24-32-001 Update Vehicle Software to Improve Steering Feel.pdf
SB-24-44-001 Adjust Charge Port R1.pdf
TN-22-16-001 Inspect MYS HV Battery for Underside Damage R1.pdf
TN-23-00-001 Quality Checklist for Pre-Delivery Tasks Completed by Third-Party.pdf
TN-24-17-001 Lithium-Ion Low Voltage Battery Replacement.pdf
TN-24-17-002 Model 3 (2017-2023) Model Y Headlamp Replacement Guidelines.pdf