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Tesla Model X 2015-2020 Service Bulletin

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Tesla Model X 2015-2020 Service Bulletin
Size: 20.8 MB
Format: PDF
Language: English
Brand: Tesla
Type of Machine: Automotive
Type of Manual: Service Bulletin
Model: Tesla Model X 2015-2020
Date: 2015 ; 2016 ; 2017 ; 2018 ; 2019 ; 2020

List of files:
CD-21-00-001 Authorization and Release for Inspection of Unsupported Vehicle R1.pdf
CD-21-00-002 Unsupported Vehicle Notification R4.pdf
CD-21-00-003 High Voltage Safety Inspection Result R3.pdf
CD-21-16-001 Packing Instructions for HV Battery Modules in UN Barrels R1.pdf
CD-21-16-002 Instructions for HV Battery Electrical Disconnection R2.pdf
CD-21-16-003 Retrieving HV Battery Vitals R2.pdf
CD-21-92-001 Personal Protective and Emergency Equipment Guidance.pdf
CD-23-16-001 HV Battery Shipping Evaluation SX3Y.pdf
CD-24-16-001 Instructions for Packing Critically Damaged HV Battery Packs in UN Containers.pdf
SB-17-13-005 Replace Huck BOM Fastener On Front Seats R4.pdf
SB-18-15-008 Resecure Triple Camera Windshield Bracket R1.pdf
SB-20-31-008 Replace Front Aft Links Model SX China.pdf
SB-21-00-004 Update Vehicle Firmware to Correct False FCWs or AEBs.pdf
SB-21-12-005 Disable Rear Door Cladding Sensors.pdf
SB-21-17-006 Replace LH Repeater Camera.pdf
SB-21-17-007 Replace RH Repeater Camera.pdf
SB-21-19-002 Install Updated Tow Bar Label on Trailer Hitch Bar.pdf
SB-21-21-001 Replace VCM To Upgrade 8GB eMMC R1.pdf
SB-21-39-001 Replace Front Drive Unit Halfshafts R3.pdf
SB-22-00-001 Update Vehicle Firmware To Remove Rolling Stop Functionality.pdf
SB-22-00-003 Update Vehicle Firmware to Correct Boombox Functionality R2.pdf
SB-22-00-004 Update Vehicle Firmware to Correct Time to Display Video from Rearview Camera.pdf
SB-22-00-007 Update Firmware to Allow Navigate on Autopilot to Comply with European Regulations R1.pdf
SB-22-00-012 Firmware Update to Correct Battery Management System.pdf
SB-22-00-014 Update Vehicle Firmware to Correct EPAS Software.pdf
SB-22-10-001 Repair Forward-Facing Camera Heater Grid Solder Joint.pdf
SB-22-11-002 Replace and Seal Front Door Drive Unit Model X R1.pdf
SB-22-17-001 Inspect Trailer Relay.pdf
SB-22-17-004 Replace Both Side Repeater Cameras.pdf
SB-23-00-001 Update Vehicle Software to Improve Certain FSD Beta Driving Maneuvers R1.pdf
SB-23-00-003 Update Software to Improve Regenerative Braking Functionality.pdf
SB-23-00-008 Update Vehicle Software to Incorporate Additional Autosteer Controls.pdf
SB-23-11-001 Inspect Front Door Cinch Actuators.pdf
SB-23-18-005 Replace Refrigerant and AC Lines.pdf
SB-23-20-004 Inspect Front Seat Belt Pre-Tensioners and Seat Belts for Correct Installation R1.pdf
SB-23-44-004 Retrofit Charge Port Door Seal.pdf
SB-24-00-003 Update Vehicle Software To Enlarge Visual Warning Indicators R1.pdf
SB-24-00-006 Update Vehicle Software to Enable Pedestrian Warning Speaker.pdf
TN-20-17-001 Coaxial Cable Overlay Guidelines R2.pdf
TN-21-16-001 Inspect MSP2 and MXP2 HV Battery for Underside Damage R2.pdf
TN-22-10-001 Modify B-Pillar Model X.pdf
TN-23-00-001 Quality Checklist for Pre-Delivery Tasks Completed by Third-Party.pdf