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Steps for sultan DDDL 8.02 tool

Discussion in 'Softwares for Truck & Heavy Truck' started by Poloni, Jan 9, 2016.

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    Sep 18, 2013
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    Steps for sultan DDDL 8.02 tool

    1. Open both the kg and Get IntID (run as admin)

    2. Hit the "get internal ID"

    3. Open DDDL 8.02. Note the Computer ID. Myself I close and reopen DDDL to make sure the ID did not change again. that's just me

    4. Input DDDL ID into kg and input Get IntID into kg. Set date. DO NOT HIT "just do it" YET!!!!!!

    5. Close out DDDL window

    6. Now hit "just do it"

    7. Copy and paste the two files

    8. Open dddl and all should work

    Remember if you open the kg again IT WILL change your dddl ID
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