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SnapON Catalogs Keygen 2.30

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SnapON Catalogs Keygen 2.30
Instructions for Use:

1.- Install Snap-on catalog, and enter "License Manager"
obtain MACHINE ID, you should also have on hand the "DEALER
CODE "entered during installation, you can use 12345 or

2.- Run keygen, enter MACHINE ID, DEALER CODE,
CLIENT CODE (any, example 12345)
License start date, end date, maximum of 1 year,
activate the desired markets.

Be sure to enter the other data, such as type of
license (client or standalone for normal pcs) and number of licenses.

3.- Click the GENERATE button,
then you may see the firm to enter on the "License Manager" of the catalog,
make sure you enter the dates properly.


- The option "Temporary License" served for the license
is accepted regardless MACHINE ID, ie as a universal license.
(careful with this option).

- In some markets such as GNA, has options
contradictory example "PRICED", "PRICELESS" obviously
just select one of 2.

If you have any questions please contact us:

Thank you very much for your purchase. Every so often we will send
an email with the list of catalogs and news updates to your e-mail.
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