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SAAB WIS [2013-01] Workshop Information System

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SAAB WIS [2013-01] Workshop Information System
Size: 4,17Gb
Language: English (Multi Language)
Win: Windows XP; Windows Vista; Windows 7; Windows 8 (32 bit)
Year: 2013-01
Release notes WIS: May 5, 2013
Pass: SAWIS012013

Release notes WIS, edition 2013-1 (May 5, 2013)
This edition of WIS is distributed as a backup for those dealers who do not have access to the WebWIS application.
From and including edition 2010-1, WIS is supplied on a DVD (5 car models x 14 languages).

This edition includes the Saab 9-4X MY11 crossover, initially introduced on markets USA, Canada and Mexico.

Technical Advice MY03-12 included in WIS
Included on this DVD are ca 200 Technical Advice (TA) documents, issued by Saab Technical Support. This document type is filed under the Bulletin tab in WIS. Technical Advice are in English only.

Note: These instructions assume your DVD drive is "D". If this is not the case please replace the letter "D" with your DVD drive letter.

Insert the DVD into the computer´s drive. Click on the Windows "Start button" and select "Run" from the File menu.
The five car models included on this DVD must be installed separately from their respective directories on the DVD.

For installation of Saab 9-3 (9440), type in D:\9-3_440\Setupwis.exe
For installation of Saab 9-3 (9440), type in D:\9-3_400\Setupwis.exe
For installation of Saab 9-4X, type in D:\9-4X\Setupwis.exe
For installation of Saab 9-5 (9600), type in D:\9-5_600\Setupwis.exe
For installation of Saab 9-5 (650), type in D:\9-5_650\Setupwis.exe
Avoid installing more languageges than is actually needed at your facility.

The content of the support matter must be written in English.

Open the troubleshooting document (Saab 9-3 (9440) only)
A fault has been detected when the troubleshooting document is opened with the 'Open' button.

Recommended method: Double-click on the desired diagnostic trouble code in the list (see illustration) to obtain the correct troubleshooting information.
Server installation
For this edition there have been no changes to WIS that affect program functions.
Therefore, during server installation of this WIS edition (edition 2012-2), it is not necessary to reinstall the client program on computers running WIS via a network.
Consequently, it is sufficient to install the data (text documents & images) on the server.

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