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Renault CAN Clip v156 [03.2016] + Instruction + Patch

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Renault CAN Clip v156 [03.2016] + Instruction + Patch
Size: 1,56Gb
Language: English
Type: Renault Diagnostic Tool
Version: v156
Year: 03.2016
Region: All Region
Developer: SPX
Platform: WinXP, Vista, Windows7
Medicine: Present
Pass: Thanks + Send to email ""

Renault CLIP - the latest diagnostic tool from Renault. It contains all the latest diagnostic technology and information base to address all issues.
Extras. Info: If the primary installation, follow the instructions, which is attached. If you already have an earlier version, it is recommended to uninstall and then follow the installation instructions.
It only works with original CLIP adapter or with a Chinese clone, no adapters and KL KKL is not supported.

Renault has developed a diagnosis system called Valise Clip. Hooked up to the car through OBD2 connector, it runs a complete test automatically, checking a series of parameters and identifying problems that can then be solved.
Program dealer car diagnostics Renault, Dacia, Samsung.

Instruction Installation:

1. After Instalaltion finish DO NOT run your CLiP!
1st replace the original RSWin.exe file (backup 1st your original file!!!)
with the Cracked .exe file in C:\CLIP_X91\Lib\Application\

2. Now from the SAME location as you are (C:\CLIP_X91\Lib\Application\) run the RSWin.exe,
choose "Register me now" and in the next window select "NO"!

3. Use this Key for Registration: 333DEF-111DEF-111DEF-222DEF-221DEF-000DEF
It will work till 31/12/2020

4. Now as you are, RESTORE your original RSWin.exe and REMOVE the patched one!
(Just keep a backup from the patched file somewhere...)

5. From your Desktop anymore, run your CLiP, accept the Terms and CLiP it will load.

You Done! :)

Maybe when you try to make your 1st REAL Diagnosis you received an "Error" (about CLiP Damaged...)
try to Update your PC with ALL the Latest Windows Updates! IF again the SAME "Error"
then use 1x other PC or Roll-Back to Version V116! CLiP it seems, she no likes some PC's!
Also when you will make your Registration, try to have your PC On-Line to the Internet!

IF you NOT able to use 1x other PC and you insist to use this Latest Release,
then you can post your S/N and you will got your personal Registartion Key.
For this workaround you will need to use your ORIGINAL RSRWin.exe and also 1st of all to
DELETE these 2x files: "reg.xml" & "ntuser.dat" from your:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users (Windows XP)
C:\ProgramData (Windows 7 32Bit)

NOTE: BEFORE to delete your reg.xml file, open it & note somewhere your COMPLETE S/N!
Enjoy & Good Clipping!