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Mitsubishi ASA (Europe + G.Export + USA + Japan) [04.2017] Full Instruction

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Mitsubishi ASA (Europe + G.Export + USA + Japan) [04.2017] Full Instruction
Size: 2,75Gb
Languages: English
Region: All regions (Europe + G.Export + USA + Japan)
Type: Spare Parts for Mitsubishi ALL regions (Europe + G.Export + USA + Japan)
Win: WinXP, Vista, Windows7, Windows8
Year / Release date : 2017-04-28
Pass: THANKS + PM Email ""

Version : Shell [M00] Mitsubishi ASA Japan
update 596 (2017-04-28) [M50] Mitsubishi ASA North America
update 492 (2017-04-28) [M60] Mitsubishi ASA Europe
update 512 (2017-04-28) [M80] Mitsubishi ASA General Export
update 476 (2017-04-28)
Developer : LexCom
Language : Multilingual (Russian is missing)
Tabletka : cured
Description : Mitsubishi ASA spare parts catalogs for car markets in Europe, Asia, North America and Japan.
Contains complete information on spare parts and additional equipment for cars and SUVs.
In the spare parts catalog there is a search for VIN, model, number, name and applicability of the part.
In all parts, the shell version is used.
Correctly works on operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 7 64-bit, did not check above.

Installation : Catalogs are assembled in the form of installers

- Self-extracting RAR archives. Just run the exe-file, if desired, specify a different installation path, and wait for the end of the decompression.
After installation, the label "Mitsubish ASA (region)" appears on the desktop. We launch by clicking on the label.
The installer will copy the ASAMAIN.ini file to the C: \ Windows folder. This should be checked. If the user does not have sufficient rights in the system, copying will not take place. It will be necessary to do this manually (the ASAMAIN.ini file will be located in the folder into which the ASA was unpacked).

If you changed the path to the program directory during the installation, in the C: \ Windows \ ASAMAIN.ini file, you must correct all paths to the correct ones.

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