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MAN Workshop Info-system (MAN WIS) 02.2013

Discussion in 'MAN' started by mrriadh, Feb 20, 2014.

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    If you download this document, you will be lost 1000 Gallons


    Email Support :
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    MAN Workshop Infosystem (MAN WIS) [02.2013] + Crack
    Size: 2.71 GB
    Pass: Coment on below after download finish
    MAN WIS - dealer documentation on repair trucks and buses MAN.
    This program provides information on repair, maintenance , diagnostics, wiring diagrams.

    - O.S.: Windows XP; Windows Vista; Windows 7; Windows 8
    - CPU: Pentium/Athlon 1.8 GHz or higher
    - RAM: 256 MB of system memory
    - Hard Drive: 5 GB of available space
    - DVD-ROM


    MANWIS for software installation and hardware lock drivers are
    prerequisites expertise in treating your
    operating system and movement in a network environment.

    - Close all programs and insert the CD, respectively. DVD
    MANWIS program.
    - Run the "Windows Explorer".
    - Click the icon for the CD-ROM or DVD, in which it is located
    MANWIS data carrier.
    - Start the installation by double clicking on the file name
    - Please observe during installation onscreen dialog texts
    make the appropriate choices and confirm them.

    Note: If you used a hardware lock does not yet have a license
    approval for MANWIS opens when you first run the program
    reference window with the text "Error dongle" (hardware fault
    - Confirm this message by clicking on OK to open the window
    "Changing the licensing MANTIS / MANWIS".


    - When "Single station full" stores all data for the program
    application on your hard drive.
    - If you choose "Single station part" must remain a bearer
    MANWIS for the use of the program in mechanics.
    - If the installation type "Server" is MANWIS available on the net and you
    you can make the client installation on one or more
    Client workstations. Please be aware that when a client
    MANWIS installation must be installed in the storage location, to
    which have access to all of the client workstation (on this see
    further explanations in "Installing the client at the workplace
    server installation ").

    If you would like to use MANWIS and the server must be down
    Server installation can be completed in addition to client installation
    - Open the folder on the server "MANWIS". If it was in the directory
    renamed the installation, open the folder that bears your choice
    - Double-click on the file "manwissetup.EXE".
    For client installation on the server must change the directory name
    (eg. C: \ MANWIS), respectively. adjust (eg. C: \ MANWIS_Client), and you
    In any case, you must click to remove the label of choice
    "Install dongle drivers."

    Dongle driver

    When the installer will not find the dongle driver
    MANWIS is automatically labeled option "Install dongle drivers."
    If you are already on your computer, the dongle driver MANWIS
    It is located, marking blank.

    If necessary, insert after installation dongle
    received as an optional accessory to a free USB connection. If
    MANTIS is already installed, use the dongle also MANTIS
    for MANWIS. For Annexed dongle is MANTIS
    option labeled "Install dongle drivers" and installation software
    automatically checks must install the new version

    LICENSE / change (s) license (s)

    - When you first start the program (after confirmation message "Hardlock
    Error ") opens a window" Changing the licensing MANTIS / MANWIS ".
    Write to the input box "required license" Number required
    licenses and to save it to memory by clicking OK.
    - Click on PRINT. The window "Data address".
    - Enter into the input fields required information, and then click
    in the "data address" PRINT.
    - This brings up the printing preferences window. Print out the order sheet
    license (s) through your system printer. Fax it
    subsequent to that address. The required access code will be
    delivered as soon as possible.
    - Enter the access code in the window "Changing the licensing MANTIS / MANWIS"
    in the entry field "release" and store it in memory by clicking on
    OK. The window closes, click on QUIT.
    Now you can run the system MANWIS.

    Install a client WORK AT server installation

    - Open the client site directory "MANWIS", which was
    installed in the server. If it was your directory during installation
    renamed, open the folder that bears the name you have chosen.
    - Double-click on the file "manwissetup.EXE".
    - Please observe during installation onscreen dialog texts
    make the appropriate choices and confirm them.
    - On the client department does not need to use any additional
    hardware lock.


    Proceed installing MANWIS-update as described below
    under the "INSTALL MANWIS".
    CAUTION: When installing the server does not need to be updated to explicitly
    client workstation.


    If you would like to change after installation MANWIS its kind (to choose
    for example. When "Single station part" "Single station full", you must
    first uninstall the current installation. To uninstall on
    Workplace select the path: Start-> Programs-> MANWIS-> MANWIS Uninstall.
    To uninstall the server, choose the path: Windows explorer>
    Pracoviště-> Local data carrier (C :) -> MANWIS-> MANWISUninst.exe.

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