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JPRO 2016v1-v2 Activator and Keymaker

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JPRO 2016v1-v2 Activator and Keymaker
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How to license Activator ?

1. Open KeyMaker_For Activator folder
Run GetHWIDtool_new.exe click " Copy to dipboard" to copy HWID

2. Open KeyMaker_KG folder
Run "WLGen_JPRO 2016.1 KeyMaker.exe" ---Click"License Manager"--"Add License"----input any name to "Customer" --paste HWID to hardware ID and Copy "Custom data" e6771165a75b94af2a9e29e5 to "Custom Data ----click"Save"----"Create License Key"---Enter-- find" your name folder and copy "regkey.dat" to KeyMaker_For Activator folder

Then Run "PRO_2016_1_KM_p.exe"---Input any word to Name---set expiry date-----( it will make license for activator)

3.Open" Activator"folder----Run"GetHWIDtool_new"---Copy HWID-- paste the HWID to HWID of PRO_2016_1_KM_p.exe---Click"Make key"--Open"lics"folder----copy the regkey.dat to Activator folder----

4. Run "JPRO 2016 v1 Activator_p.exe"(activator) to active JPRO

How to use activator to active JPRO ?

1) run activator and generate SN
2) run jpro program, enter user info and add SN
3) make request file
4) close program
5) select request file in activator
6) press "Activate"