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JETI ForkLift (ET) v4.32 Update 321 [08.2016] Full + Instruction

Download this document, you need 3000 Gallons
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JETI ForkLift (ET) v4.32 Update 321 [08.2016] Full + Instruction
Size: 5,05Gb
Languages: English, Danish, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Russian
Region: All regions
Type: Spare Parts Catalogue JETI ForkLift
Version: v4.32
Update: 305-321
Win: WinXP , Vista, WIN7
Quantity of CD: 1 DVD
Year: 08.2016
Pass: Thanks + PM Email ""

The catalogue for fork lift loaders JETI (Jungheinrich Judit) v4.32 [08.2016]
Spare Parts Catalogue Jeti ET 4.32

- Set time about Jan 2016
- Insert DVD ISO
- Run and set up "SecurityClient" waiting for finish
- Enter you info follow "Photo 3"
- Copy "order code" and paste in "Jungheinrich Forklift License Code Generator"
to get "authorisation code"
- Copy ""authorisation code" and click apply and click ok
- After finish active now you can install database
- Right Click with admin "setup"
- Waiting for some minute untill finish
- After finish copy file "DattenA.dat" in folder Patch file replace in folder C:\JAG_SEC
- Done and run

How to update into 321 version:

- Extract all winrar file in folder UPDATE
- Copy the update file exe to folder "C:\Jeti\Update"
- Run JETI and choose your language
- Click Tools > Update > Settings
- Choose LAN and choose the path for the update C:\Jeti\Update
- Again click Tools > Update > Carry out update
- Waiting for updating finish
- Do it again and again untill you finish all the update (JHUpd321.EXE)
- Done and run

Note: Only update every version
Finish 305
Do 306
Finish 306
Do 307..........