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Hino Truck XL Series Body Builder Book 2023

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Hino Truck XL Series Body Builder Book 2023
Size: 91.3 MB
Format: PDF
Language: English
Brand: Hino
Type of Machine: Truck
Type of Manual: Body Builder Book
Model: Hino XL Series Truck
Book Number: BM2241A6CAN

Chapter 1 Preface

Relation To Other Hino Manuals
Certification And Compliance With Safety Regulations And Standards
Installation, Modification, And Alteration
Change Of This Book
Relation Between This Book And The Vehicle Warranty
Further Information
Chapter 2 Government Regulations
Safety Standards
Vehicle Noise Regulations Information
Emission Control Regulations
Chapter 3 Specifications
Model Line-Up
Weights And Dimensions
Weight Distribution Of The Optional Equipment
Cautions To Install Various Kind Of Body
Chapter 4 Truck Body And Special Equipment Installation Procedure And Precautions
General Precaution
Weight Distribution And Center Of Gravity
The Tilt Hood
Fuel Tank
The Fuel Nylon Tube
Caution Label Of Fuel Tank
Installation Of Fender And Mudguard
Welding Work
Clearance Between Cab And Rear Body Or Equipment
Minimum Clearance With Rear Spring And Rear Spring Hanger
System Control Computers
Precaution For Abs And Vsc
Precaution For Ldw And Cms
The Antenna Position
Removing The Instrument Panel
Additional Wiring In The Engine Compartment
Resetting Of Vehicle Speed Sensoring Pulse Converter
Maximum Vertical Travel Range Of Lateral Rod (Rear Air Suspension Model)
Leveling Valve (Rear Air Suspension Model)
Exhaust System
Dpr Filter
Def - Scr System
Vertical Exhaust Tail Pipe
Installing Equipment On The Cab Roof
Vehicle Storage
Installation Of Fuel Fired Heaters And Auxiliary Heaters
Chapter 5 Chassis Modification
General Cautions
Chassis Frame Properties
Chassis Frame Drilling
Flange Cutting
Chassis Frame Welding
Rear Overhang Extension
Wheelbase Modifications
Propeller Shaft Modification And Alteration
Service Brake Modifications
Electric Wiring Modifications
Alteration Of Exhaust System
Cautions Needed In Additional Machining And Alteration Of The Cab
Axle Modifications
Chapter 6 Instructions For Building Up Of Rear Body
Main Sill (Sub-Frame)
Rear Axle
Rear Body Length And Main Sill (Sub-Frame) Dimensions
Mounting Of Rear Fender And Mudguard
Chapter 7 Electrical System
Lamps, Reflective Devices And Associated Equipment
Fuse Block, Relay Panel And Fusible Link Block
Installation Of Additional Switches
Alternator Output Characteristic
Electrical Power Sources
Back-Up Alarm (Opt)
Harness Wiring
Body Builder Can
Installation Of Flasher Cutting
Trailer Electrical Connection
Chapter 8 Painting
General Cautions
Cautions For Use Of Thinner And Solvents Containing Thinner
Color Code Of Top Coat Paint For Cab
Proper Precaution Of The Top Coat Of Paint
The Parts Which Have No Resistance To High Temperature And Their Temperature Limit
Cautions For Forced Drying
Parts And Allowable Heat Limit
How To Remove And Reinstall The Parts Of The Hood And Cab
Weather Strip Installation
Handling Of Electronic Control Unit (Ecu)
Cautions For Painting The Tire Disc Wheels
Precaution For Installing Wheel Onto The Vehicle
Chapter 9 Chassis Drawings
Cab Drawings
Cab Back Drawings
Chassis Drawings
Chassis Frame Drawings
Drilling Holes On The Side Rail (Around Rear Suspension)
Chapter 10 Mounting Details Of Chassis Equipment
Fuel Tank
Air Tank
Exhaust System
Chapter 11 Power Take Off (Pto)
Transmission P.T.O.
Split Shaft P.T.O.
Transmission Models To Be Installed Hino's Vehicles
Other Notices
Mounting Position Of Transmission P.T.O. Assy
Engine Rev. Control For Mounting Of Body Or Equipment
Signal For Allison Transmission
Chapter 12 Other Data (Suspension Deflection Chart, Brake Piping Diagram, Auxiliary Air Line, Electric Wiring Diagram, Connectors, Metric, U.Scustomary Unit Equivalents)
Suspension Deflection Chart
Brake Piping Diagram
Auxiliary Air Line
Electric Wiring Diagram
Metric/U.S. Customary Unit Equivalents