Hino Diagnostic Explorer 3.1.2

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Hino Diagnostic Explorer 3.1.2

Hino Explorer Diagnosis software, dealer diagnostic software Hino Trucks.

HINO Diagnostic Explorer (hereafter referred to as HINO DX) is a tool equipped with all the functions needed to diagnose trouble, check functions, and configure the settings of the electronic systems built into HINO engines.

Catalogue type: Diagnostics
Region: All regions
Operating system: WinXP
Disk amount:1 CD

The program runs on a personal computer (PC) equipped with a Windows95, 98, 2000, or XP operating system (OS), and it connects to a communication network by means of a diagnosis connector via a communication I/F. After it is connected to a communication network, it can carry out various operations by extracting information from the engine ECU.

Hino Explorer Main Functions
Acquires and deletes trouble data.

Links diagnostic trouble codes read from the ECU to corresponding diagnostic work flow sequences and directly displays the required data.

Obtains sensor conditions from the vehicle when trouble occurs (Freeze Frame function).

Monitors the sensors and actuators equipped on the engine (Data Monitor function) and tests the operation of solenoid valves by forcefully operating them (Active Test function).

Simulates diagnostic work with only a PC(Simulation function).

Automatically saves fetched ECU data and analyzes trouble based on the saved data even when the cause of trouble cannot be grasped.