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Doosan, Daewoo SMS Diagnostic Software

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Doosan, Daewoo SMS Diagnostic Software

Solar Monitoring Software is a diagnostic soft for E-POS controllers fitted on Daewoo/Doosan Solar model excavators.

This program supplies following functions by carrying out the communication with the e-EPOS controller installed to an excavator and IBM interchangeable PC of a user.

Monitoring : Monitors the current information/data which e-EPOS controller has.

Graph : Shows the major sensor data of excavator as a graph, and can save the data to the hard disc, making it possible to check the status of the excavator by analyzing and comparing.

Test : Carry out various simulation by activating the output signal from e-EPOS controller by force

Diagnosis : Shows current failure information and past ones which e- EPOS controller has.

History : enables to analyze the working trend or style, which shows the operating hours as per each work mode and used hours of filter & oil.

The best software for diagnostic doosan all hydrolic electric and electonic ECM test relay and sensor of all systeme monitoring interface sensor data select filter and oil air cleaner with and real time failure



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