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Cummins InPower Pro V13.2 2021 Remote Installation

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Cummins InPower Pro 13.2 Remote Installation
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InPower Tool V13.0 ReadMe.txt
All rights reserved.
Updated On :- 29 Nov 2019

Welcome to the InPower Tool V13.0

This file contains important information for InPower Tool Help.

The following topics are covered in this file:

1. Installation Notes
2. New Features/Enhancement
3. Issue (BUG) Fixes
4. Known Issues

1. Installation Notes

Note: It is highly recommended that user should not downgrade from the latest version
to a previous version.

1.1 InPower Tool V13.0 supports Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 operating systems.
It is recommended not to use/select below folder as installation directory:
C:\Program Files

1.2 For Installation and Uninstallation of the tool on Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
administrator login is necessary. However a non-Admin user is able to run/use the tool.

1.3 If any program for a Palm Pilot, or any other application that communicates via
COM Port (like HotSynch Manager, Nokia Connection software etc) has been installed,
this can take over COM Port and lock this out, preventing Engineering tool to run.
These programs are required to be disabled prior to starting the installation and before
running Engineering Tool subsequent to successful installation. It is recommended that
any program that automatically launches on Start up be disabled and launched only
when required to be used.

1.4 If the user who has not installed the tool tries to uninstall it then it may corrupt the
application or the uninstallation may not be completed properly.
It is recommended to log in with the user name who has installed the tool and
then uninstall it.

1.5 While upgrading tool to the new version, if the installation location is changed,
then the Bravo Setup's user list is not retained.
The solution in this case is to manually add all the users which were present in
the older version.

1.6 A Service Agreement shall be displayed during installation. User needs to accept the terms and
conditions to proceed with the installation.

2. New Fatures/Enhancement

2.1 Controller's connection time with application has been improved.

2.2 Inline 7 support has been added.

2.3 Memory optimization done for Update Manager utility run schedule.

2.4 Restrict CGD users to take tool's updates from BuyInPower website.

2.5 Disallow “Update Calibration” for PS0600 controller if software version > 1.030 is being flashed on software version =< 1.030.

2.6 Third party and Open source license terms included in about dialog of tool.

3. Issue (BUG) Fixes

3.1 Expiry message has been corrected related to InCAL contents.

3.2 Application hang-up issue has been resolved for PS0600 controller during calibration.

3.3 Tool crash issue is resolved while generating CSV file with OverFrequency and UnderFrequecny features.

4. Known Issues

4.1 Alignment of XY/XYZ table grid get disturbed if user try to resize it.
Solution: No solution exists at present

4.2 If modified value in a data table is changed back to previous value and then user
try to disconnect the device, an empty Save Adjustments window pops up. (Issue is not consistent)
Solution: No solution exists at present

4.3 After performing RAMToFlash (with Trims) on PCC3200, G-Drive and PCC2100 , if Initial
Calibration is attempted; the tool displays the message "The Device is Locked for Special
Operation" and the tool disconnect. Thereafter "Calibration from xxx.dfa completed
successfully" message is shown.

Solution: After performing RAMToFLash (with Trims) on PCC3200, G-Drive and PCC2100,
Disconnect the device and close the application. Relaunch the application to perform any
other operation.

4.4 Strip Chart: - After Select Edit->Add parameter from the menu. Focus fails to come on Device explorer.
Solution: No solution exists at present.

4.5 Launch .tpl file directly.Click on 'Add' option for launching the explorer. Explorer will display site as connected. Exit monitor utility. Try to
disconnect device from explorer. It will display error as "Cannot disconnect because another application is currently connected".
Solution: Close the application. Relaunch the application to perform any other operation.

4.6 While closing Bravo Setup, Program Assistance Compatibility window will be shown. This is specific to Windows 7 operating system only.
Solution: Select "This program installed correctly" and the window would not be shown again.

4.7 OEM setup screen is open and if we remove power supply then tool crashes.
Solution: No solution exists at present

4.8 InPower is compatible with Brainboxes version 2.2.83, and 4.0. Brainboxes version other than these versions may cause delay in overall operation.
Solution: No solution exists at present

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Good morning, I am trying to download inpower, but it does not allow me, it does not download the program, if you can repair the link, it would be greatly appreciated

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Good morning,

I am trying to download inpower, but it does not allow me, it does not download the program,

Can you advise?

Many thanks!