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    Cummins InCal Unpacker/Repacker/Date Changer 2016 v4

    damaged file. Will not work. someone please test.
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    Caterpillar Factory Password

    Fuck. Why is this still floating around.
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    Toyota Techstream KG Tool All Version

    Link is broken
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    I have been in contact with master about this.. and this was he reply today :) hes such a nice guy. This place is a joke. most of the stuff here you can find elsewhere.. for free So riland & Redneckmechanical just take your losses this guy isnt going to do anything for anyone. so fuck it. "...
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    you cant use. HWID locked. look at pic of member riland please read PM also master and reply to me asap.
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    Not unlocked. i need Ho register this KG??? After run i have window HWID ...... KG NOT UNLOCKED. Refund please.
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    Pass Please.
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    Volvo PTT 2.02-2.03-2.04 DEV Tool

    You changed the price from 300 to 500 After I traded you gallons for it.. on 1/11/2016 4:30PM MST this was 300 Gallon now.. 1/11/2016 this is now 500 Gallons. Master, Why is this allowed. Now I cannot see download link. Please fix this.
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    Volvo PTT 2.02-2.03-2.04 DEV Tool

    pass please.
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    Detroit Diesel 8.0.2 and 8.0.3 + Activation

    It has password.. what is password?
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    Detroit Diesel 8.0.2 and 8.0.3 + Activation

    Download does not work.. please correct
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    Allison DOC for PC Service Tool KG

    what version is it for? Screenshot? is it for V12??
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    John Deere Keygen 4.1 Full

    YOu do Realize that any of bussns's JD releases have the patch included for free right..
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    John Deere Service Advisor C&F 08.2014 EN Full + Instruction

    WHY are you reposting my links. Master please remove. this is so disrespectful!
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    Cummins Calterm 3.8 Software Full

    I agree. I do the same thing. BUT.. When I download something, I expect it to be clean of malicious code and Viruses.. its not that hard to ask right. WE may be smart enough to run VM ware.. but are the other 90%.. Probably not.. then they share it with a friend and it just keeps spreading like...
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    John Deere Service Advisor 4.1.020 newest

    4.1.023 is the latest version Guys, thats what the 08.2014 DVDS update service adviser too. and the patch still works ;)
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    Cummins Calterm 3.8 Software Full

    Nope.. Its infected. There is no false positive with Win/Sality buddy its a serious virus. I do this for a living.. I remove this virus atleast 3 times a week. it infects any *.exe file that I can. and just reproduces itself over and over. If you have JD Service Advisor installed. check the...
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    Cummins Calterm 3.8 Software Full

    NO ONE download.. HAS VIRUS AGAIN.
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    Cummins Calterm 3.8 KG

    Do you have the software anywhere