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Feb 18, 2013
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the northern hemisphere
Heavy truck &equipment tech

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    1. Maximeproulx
      hi i am using cat et 2015 and i would like to have a factory password generator that works
      do you know if there is one that really works .
      i am stuck on a job on a 980k loader i cant erase 992-3 code thanks in advance
    2. gclare8
      dident recived key genrator for hino
      como podria descargarme el crak
    4. johnamanda3
      hello its me again with the same problem I have saved the cat keygen to a usb dongle and still get a red dot instead of a green, any suggestions
    5. johnamanda3
      can u please help I downloaded the cat et factory password generator that u said worked with 2011b I have 2011a and all I get is a red button and no passwords. please help
    6. LGVictoria
      I sent you an email from my husband's email address randygibney@yahoo.ca but often yahoo emails end up in the spam folder. If you did not receive it, that is likely where it wound up.
    7. LGVictoria
      Hi Bullseyemods, I'm not sure if you can help me. I donated $20 to this forum 2 days ago but have not received any credits. I sent an email through my private email (2 days ago) to the moderator and I sent a message to this forum (yesterday). Ultimately what I am after is the patch file and the lic file for Service Advisor 4.0. The fellow we bought it from sent us a patch file but I suspect it is not right. He never did send us the license file (the one you show towards the end of your video. I have the keygen so can generate those lic files. Also, I noticed you have 2 downloads: the keygen for 2000 credits and the patch file for 200 credits. Which do I have to download to get the patch file and extra lic files I am looking for? Thanks!
    8. ecar1
      Thank you so much for helping me. I will pay money for shipping. Please, send me an email to my email
      trandinhviet1990@gmail.com . I want to talk something private with you. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Thanksss
    9. ecar1
      I'm from VietNam. I don't know how much I have to pay to receive these disks from you? By Credits, money, or exchanges. And Could you ask officer at your local post office how much will it cost when you send it to me,please? If you need these disksag en 201302 8 disks, I'll share you link to download it( free 100%). Thank you so much!
    10. ecar1
      Or if you want exchange my disks ag en 201302 8 disks. It's OK, too.
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    the northern hemisphere
    Heavy truck &equipment tech
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    I'm a small business owner of a equipment repair shop with 3 employees,spend most of my days on the road in my 2000 freightliner FL50 service truck with 6500lb maintainer crane and body, I work hard but play harder. and a proud father of 3

    pc,laptop, gaming system repair, SMD repair, software, guns, and boats

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